Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zeb's trying to steal his thunder!

Zeb got a little jealous of all the attention we were giving Ike for his birthday and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He did a face dive off his bed and on to the sharp corner of a drawer and ended up with all of Kent's attention for the next hour and a half as they waited at urgent care to get stitches! I could tell immediately that it was really deep.  At first all I could see was white stuff (probably his cut facial fat) but then it just filled with blood and started oozing pretty steadily. And actually- since the cut was on his face the doctor decided that dermabond would be a better plan because it makes for less scarring.  Plus it's less painful and lots faster for wiggly whiny two year olds.  I've included the picture of the poor little rugrat right as he was headed off with Kent.  He was actually quite the champ about it and only cried for two or three minutes.  Although that may have something to do with the fact that I turned into a softy and told him he could have his binky.  I just felt so bad for him and wanted him to feel better!!  I stayed home and put Ike to bed while he went with Kent.  In the car he asked- "Kent, where are we going?" to which Kent replied, "to the doctor to fix your face".  He then responded "oh yeah, to fix my face".

Up until the injury we'd had a very nice evening.  Ike wanted NOTHING to do with his cake.  We thought if we covered it with Zeb's toys that for sure he'd at least try to destroy it- but no such luck.  It doesn't surprise me though. Zeb didn't want his cake either, if you remember.  My kids aren't crazy sweets eaters.  Zeb did however want this cake.  Here is he lining up Thomas and Percy to check it out. He's got the angry face because we have to keep reminding him that it's for Ike.

Ike had his own little spill into a wall corner (check out his forehead!) right before cake time and maybe that's why he was so grumpy towards it.  It may also have been because he was scared of the dinosaurs.
And here he is after I force fed him some frosting.  He spit it at me.
Really- He enjoyed his balloons and chucking his new train tracks with Zeb more than anything else last night.  The two of them just kept throwing things and giggling. Zeb thinks the new tracks are his so it appears we are still going to have battles about tracks- but at least there will be more to battle over.  And thanks for the books and pjs and valentines aunties and gma and gpa!!
And I should include a picture of Kent AND Zeb here.  Zeb licked off the frosting while Kent finished off the cake.
happy number one, kiddo.


Nate and Jessica said...

You are so brave to do all that bibless. Natalie still wears one every meal she is so messy. Our kids are so alike...they love dinosaur train and dinosaurs right now.

Linz said...

Poor Zeb! I hope he is feeling better now! And Happy birthday to Ike! He's so cute! I love the look on his face when he's looking at the cake. Too funny!!

Pat and Brent said...

Poor little Zeb - that is so sad. He really had a rough day. I hope he's feeling better.

Ike looks like he's terrified of the dinosaur on that cake (which is very cute by the way). So funny that your kids don't like sweets.

Jessica said...

Oh that gash looks so sore, glad to hear he was such a trooper. Kids are amazing like that.
I also gave you an award, check out my blog for details!

Amy and Craig said...

zeb's face gives me the chills!