Thursday, February 18, 2010

did you know that toledo is the frog city?!

I didn't either until yesterday. Playgroup was downtown at the froggy museum- and although I wouldn't classify the place as a museum, my kiddos had a blast. Plus- my fickle camera treated me nicely so I got some pictures.

At first I was terrified.  There were just three big rooms full of frog memorabilia- all roped off. There were stuffed frogs, toy frogs, electronic frogs, talking frogs, hopping frogs, and every type of frog imaginable. It was  a parent's worst nightmare!  All I could think was "how am I going to keep my kids from tearing this place apart while Ms. Amy tries to talk to them about frogs?".  Luckily she was very child friendly and after a short presentation said the magic words "it's froggy time" and let the kids go WILD. They got to play to their heart's content with everything they wanted. And they tore that place apart! It was frog toy heaven. They even had a frog train.
Ike just wanted the big purple car- that had nothing to do with frogs by the way.
Toledo has the most interesting little spots. I'm glad we get to experience so many of them.  The actual building where the museum is located was really amazing inside. It had all of this great exposed brick- with cool archways and lots of natural lighting. I'd love to take my kiddos back and get some pictures. We ended up "touring" the whole place in search of froggytown.


Renae said...

That place looks like Zach and Ave would love it! Who knew China produced so many different kinds of frogs. I'd like to go, if you do want to go again!

Kent and Leisy said...

renae- we'd totally go again! they are open weekends and by appointment and are right next to the imagination station.

Laney said...

you should donate the frog that Carol made for you. It would fit in perfectly!

dockters said...

Such an interesting little spot! Sam loved it though and has been talking about it all day today!

I also had the same photographing thoughts as you...that building was amazing!!!