Sunday, June 17, 2012

ode to ralph

that's what I call Kent.

Happy Father's Day to the world's greatest husband!

This year has been the most exhausting of Kent's life.  He's suffered physically, emotionally, mentally- and in every other possible way I'm sure! Long hours, board exams, new (bad) baby, exhausted and emotional wife, crazy out of control yard :),  stressful days, sleepless nights, and much much more to add to the madness.

And honestly- truly- I can say he's been the one to smile through it all. He listens to me complain about how hard he's working and then rubs my sore muscles so I can fall asleep. He takes all the night shifts with a crying metta- plays with the kids so hard they laugh themselves to sleep- takes them to fathers and sons even after a long day at work followed immediately by another long day at work- scrubs the sinks and toilets- empties the dishwasher ( I HATE emptying the dishwasher)-  weed wacks the jungle- fixes sunday dinners- folds ALL of the laundry ALL of the time- brings home pizza so I don't have to cook- stays home with kids so I can go out on runs- and somehow still loves me and is happiest when he's home!!  sounds to me like he got the bad end of this deal :)

Kent values and loves the kids and me more than any other worldy thing.  And not only does he love us- he takes care of us.  I am so grateful for a father to my rugrats who I can count on and trust wholeheartedly.  For a husband who is my best friend.


boysmum2 said...

Awesome ode to him, well done

Annie O said...

you should thank his parents for raising such a great dad

Michelle said...

LOVE!!! He really IS a good guy. I'm grateful he's got you too, Leisy! You guys have made such a great family and family life.

HowellAZ said...

I actually felt exhausted after just reading the post...I can't believe Kent lives it all with a smile! Good work both of you on making the best of all these opportunities/challenges/adventures...etc. :)