Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2nd street market and BUGS :)

On thursday of vacation week- Kent's parents and sister melynda flew into to town and we went into true vacation mode! all sorts of crazy fun.   Visitors make life so much fun.  lots of reasons to eat good food- do fun things- and stay up late!

2nd street market is another Dayton gem. It's a fabulous market downtown full of fun shops- and really really great original food!  Zeb and Ike had all natural cookies and cream ice pops.

ike makes the weirdest faces ALL of the time.  and his double chin always pops up with the faces.

Kent and I were most excited for 'cheeky meat pies' at the market.  It's a little shop with New Zealand and Australian meat pies.  They did not disappoint.  Sweet potato fries with a 'brekkie pie'.  Brekkie stands for breakfast :)

At the end of every day- waaaay past the kiddos bedtime- we'd sit on the back deck and let the boys catch fireflies!  I love Ohio. and the weather has been so pleasant.  But don't ask me if I love this place on thursday when the heat index throws us up to 108. I may die.

Can you see the little firefly here?  The boys are surprisingly adept at catching these critters with their bare hands.
and they are really good at being zombies.


Philip Oswald said...

Ike really has this zombie thing down. :)

taylor and laney said...

we want to catch fireflies when we come visit!

Pat and Brent said...

Thanks for a great time. You guys are great hosts and made it so fun. I'd say Ike and Zeb are especially good Jedi masters. They are amazing - so smart and good, good boys. And Metta is an amazing baby. Thanks for letting us share your vacation. We loved it!

yaya said...

You find the most amazing places! I'm so glad you enjoy Ohio. I know the heat can kill though. Hang in there, fall is just around the corner. Hey, watch what you say about double chins..I have a few myself! I hear congrats are in order Auntie Leisy! Oh, I love the header pic of your family too!

Michelle said...

That firefly pic is really neat! I love Ike's great kooky faces. Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there too.