Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the falls and water

 the weather was PERFECT last week.  Low 80s  and low humidity. My favorite kind of summer.

On friday we went to charleston falls for a little hike with M and the grandparents! I totally forgot my camera because I came straight from teaching a class- but M brought along hers so I stole her pics.
the boys were a little hesitant about entering the 'cave' but eventually agreed to take a picture with grandma pat at the "very front" .
the falls are still pretty puney- but at least there was a trickle. 
After the falls we went to the Officer's Club on base for lunch.  We hadn't ever been- and it was pretty cool.

Then at home we pulled out the slip n slide.  The boys LOVE when Kent joins in.  He gets pretty crazy.
Ike can barely clear the jump at the end of the slide-
but Kent uses it to catch some pretty impressive air. and then belly flops onto the grass. Looked pretty painful to me!

best summer toy buying tip: buy at the end of the season for next year. slip n slide= 3 dollars!! kiddie pool= 1 dollar!!
apparently our sunscreen is pretty darn waterproof.  the water just rolled off their faces!! and they looked a little like ghosts :)
metta enjoyed watching the festivities.  She is turning out to be not so much of a baby anymore. She has TWO teeth and is sleeping through the night- FINALLY!!


M- your favorite said...

Man- That was great! The weather was nice but I do not like the humidity! My arms loved it though. I miss my little ones. They are so good and SUPER SMART! I love them to death!
I miss Miss Metta- I love her smiles and her laugh! :)

Michelle said...

Looks like such a great time!

Kent on the slip-and-slide totally rocks.

Cute kids -- as usual! :)

Justin and Jules said...

awe, doesn't life just seem so much better when you baby starts sleeping at night. Its like a welcoming gift back into reality :)

Annie O said...

I'm SO jealous! Looks like you had a great time with the Millers. Maybe we can come back in the fall and go to all those cool hiking places.

P.S. And the kids are cute.