Wednesday, June 6, 2012

huffman metropark

 For family home evening this week we decided to go adventuring since the weather has been STUPENDOUS.  Dayton- like toledo- has some amazingly large and beautiful parks.  Huffman is just two miles from our house!
I hope we always live somewhere where we can go exploring often.  I was a little nervous about ticks (there have been a TON this year) but we came home and bathed immediately. we were all tick free.
 Ike is such an energetic kid.  it becomes especially apparent when Kent is home!  It's like he can't control his excitement and he bounces all over with smiles and giggles and crazy faces.
 ike's little toes poke out of these dang shoes because they are too small. he begs to wear them so I don't argue.
 metta just hung out in her carseat and stared.  she's pretty wide eyed most of the time.  Her eyes are definitely changing more and more and I'm quite certain they aren't going to be deep brown like Zeb and Ike's.  My guess is hazel- like mine.

 the water was pretty stinking (literally) dirty but the boys loved it.
 and this mud smelled like poo.  so gross.

my zebby kid. he'll always be my favorite to kiss.  mostly because he hates it!  but a little because he's my first and will always be a little baby in my mind :)
I love being outside and making sure my kids have lots of really fun memories!  my parents did such a great job at that and I hope my kiddos feel the same way when they're grown up!

3 comments: said...

I swear those ticks drop from the trees sometimes. Beautiful park.

Delaps said...

Zebs party looked fantastic! I definitely miss Ohios love for metro parks. By the way you look fantastic!

Justin and Jules said...

I'm with Allison. I really do miss the parks. They always provided instant fun and the one you were at looks so green!
PS Cohen had a "tea party" the other day and invited his imaginary friends Zeb and Matthew. He sure does miss them all!