Monday, June 25, 2012

vacay part one.

 I feel like we've been on a mini vacation all month since Kent is on his community medicine rotation!  it's usually full of days in local schools- but since school is out- he's just got a lot of free days. Pure heaven!!

True vacation technically started Monday- which also happened to be international sushi day.  So we celebrated in true family fashion.

Zeb and Ike had light saber battles with chopsticks-

and we had sushi. 

 It comes from this great place called fusian. The place is AMAZING.  really well priced- and quite tasty. without fish :)  chicken- strawberrries!- cream cheese-cucumbers-carrots- tempura- avocado- and some fabulous sweet sauces for dipping. If you come to Dayton- we'll take you there for sure :)  They even have a famous pb&j roll! I can't wait to try it!!

we also made a stop at mcd's for their 59 cent cones.

 we've also been working on 'school books'. Zeb is doing math and Ike is doing preschool stuff like letters/matching/opposites, etc.  they are so cute working together.  
and we got to spend a few days with some great pals- the wright brothers.  Their mom had cub scout day camp with two of her boys- and we took the other two.  Zeb and ike were in HEAVEN!  We went to Ikea in cincy for 'kids eat free' day and had a blast.
 Zeb and his pal ethan had a little tea party.
 and we went to Jungle Jims.  Holy smokes. this place was CRAZY. a must for all ohioans. It's the weirdest grocery store EVER.
They have a row dedicated to almost every country.  I got some great Russian stuff and Kent got some Brazilian stuff.
 they have lots of weird displays and tons of weird cheeses.
Metta slept and ate and smiled a lot.  I'm so lucky she made a turn from world's worst to world's best baby.  this is her favorite place to nap. between the back of the couch and the top of the couch cushion.


Annie O said...

gosh you're having way too much fun

Michelle said...

That picture of Metta is the cutest! She is so adorable!

What a weird grocery store.