Saturday, October 25, 2014

gassy smiles...

today I've felt even better than yesterday!  my headache is now simply a headache! my back is sore and tight- but life is good.  thank you so much for the prayers still coming.  they are working :) 

Last night was our church 'trunk or treat' with the local Japanese congregation! I'm so sad that I missed it!  the Americans brought their best chilis and the Japanese brought their best curries! and all sorts of fabulous goodies (that metta was VERY particular about accepting) were handed out!  my kids got some pretty fabulous Japanese treats!  

I think my kiddos got 8 or 9 of these things.

best we can tell- it is one giant cheeto puff.  but the flavors are all over the place.  one looked like corn flavor.  another was definitely fish of some sort.  they also come in cheese and barbecue.  I don't think they are half bad :) the kids are leery.

Metta has had a rough week.  she really is a momma's girl and has been thrown off her game the past seven days.  Kent said she was super manic at the party.  either really happy or really sad!  she talks a lot about 'going home' whenever she is out and about!  Hopefully this week we can all readjust.

These pictures are just moments apart :)

 but look at her hair.  kent has spent considerable time this week on the internet/pinterest learning how to do hair and I'm incredibly impressed!  He knows that one of my biggest fears is sending metta out without her hair done!!  she STILL has such a david bowie mullet and it looks so trashy when it isn't up :)  it means a lot that he was so willing to do it when I couldn't.  he told me he 'really wants to learn to french braid'.  I don't even know how to french braid.

The japanese sure know how to throw a party!  I'm pretty sure they did the decorating at the church.  it was covered in giant cockroaches :)  

 I must also recognize kent's other incredible parenting skills.  Kent is my lifesaver when it comes to newborns in general. and even more so this time around.  He loves to have them sleep on his chest all curled up.  Pretend that's not a bad thing for a pediatrician to do and realize that is saves us both HOURS of sleep :)

 the past four nights he has taken all night feeding duties since I couldn't even sit up.  I nursed this little guy the first few nights of life - but when my headache showed up- nursing was the WORST position imaginable and I could not even attempt it.  Can I just say having mack on the bottle has been the most helpful and stress relieving part of all of this.  I am so much happier this way. which makes all of us so much happier :)

I've been able to rest and enjoy finally holding this little munchkin today while kent took the family to church.  Being able to hold him and relax has been an answer to my prayers.  Maybe baby mack can finally start imprinting on his real mom :)  and vice versa :)  I even got to see his first gassy smile today.  I hadn't seen a single one yet.

 do you think he might have red hair like metta!??  It's pretty light - but looking at metta's pictures from her first few weeks- I think they look pretty darn similar in coloring!  I would LOVE another redhead!!!  I also think he looks A LOT like her in general in the baby pics.


Cynthia said...

looks like he will be a red head too! And I am very impressed with Kent learning to do hair. Steve never mastered it and my girls have always had crazy hair when they would show up to the hospital after I had a baby (I would have him bring a brush so I could do it in the hospital!)

Amber and Travis said...

I am impressed with Kent's hair skills! I need to jump on pinterest to get some more ideas! I am so glad your headache is going away. I really do understand how miserable it is!

yaya said...

Kent is super Dad/Husband...a medal should be made in his honor! That little Mac will have red hair! Way to catch that first smile. I always think they aren't gas...just remembering their first home...hope you feel better soon!