Thursday, November 27, 2014

the turkey

almost six weeks and he's a turkey.  which is pretty fitting for thanksgiving.

I've neglected blogging about this kid and documenting his life! mostly because he's #4. and life is busy :) but i'm going to get in an update and a few pictures of him before I blog my parents visit or I won't get around to it,

Mack is a pretty decent baby.  I have my complaints- but he's better than metta was at this age!

he's the world's WORST eater.  it takes him forever to eat.  it's like he can't figure it out.  Even as a brand new baby I noticed he was a little different.  All of my other kiddos have 'rooted' like crazy those first few days- but this kid just sits there and acts hungry but doesn't realize he needs to suck to eat.  it's especially aggravating at night.  He eventually gets the hang of sucking- and will eat plenty.  It's just so long and drawn out.

he has his grumpy hour or two in the evening and has a little bit of reflux- but we can usually get him calm and comfortable.

otherwise he is totally chill.  he sleeps moderately well. likes to stare. wiggles about.  he's gaining weight and just grew out of his newborn diapers and clothes.

he's for sure got blueish eyes and that freaks us out.  He's going to stick out like a sore thumb!!
 I think he'll be smiling in the next couple of weeks!  honestly- he just likes to sit and stare,
he still has a little cross eye when he looks at us!  kent promises me it's normal!
I can't wait for him to get a little older!  that fabulous smiley phase when they can't move yet :)

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