Tuesday, January 6, 2015

our littlest

I've been neglecting this little monkey.   He probably has fewer pictures of himself than any of my other kids at this age.  And I tried to take some pics of him today but I think I am a little out of practice! I need to do better at documenting his crazy fast changes!

This kid is mellow.  But a little spoiled.  During the day he loves to fall asleep for naps swaddled in a blanket pressed tight to my chest.  Somehow- miraculously- at night after feedings he'll fall right back asleep in his crib without being held! so, it's not all that bad.   I'm happy to rock him during the day :)

he's getting a little less stingy with his smiles- but still is pretty neutral about life in general!
he's content to hang out in the stroller while I run- and just sit in his carseat while I'm at the gym.  I'm one lucky mom.
On a negative note- he's got pretty bad reflux and is the vomiting machine!  he has been the world's WORST eater for awhile- acting like he was DYING every time we fed him. He would get all gaggy and act like he was being asphyxiated. He'd cry and eating took FORVER.  So- we started him on some zantac and while I'm still COVERED in spit up constantly- he's a happier eater.

 four kids has been our easiest transition in some aspects- but harder in others.  Evening is the hardest time.  We have WAY TOO MANY kids and not enough adults!!
 He's growing well.  His legs are still a little scrawny- but he's got chubby cheeks and a nice little belly.  Plus- look at his smile! and crazy blue eyes.  It's still weird to look into blue eyes on my kiddo.
and -cross my fingers- he is such a healthy little champ.  we have all had coughs, snotty noses, and all sorts of fun winter colds.  Metta coughs and sneezes in his face regularly.  I told Kent I need to add a little hand sanitizer his bottle regularly to try and keep him germ free!  He got a little congested one day- but was back to normal in less than 24 hours.  I'm a little terrified of RSV so I am glad to have such a hearty kiddo. 

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Sherrie Fennell said...

sweet boy!!! time is flying so fast. Davey does alot of spitting up too. It's a mess all the time. The ped is not concerned though..so we will see how it plays out.