Thursday, February 19, 2015


Kent is on leave this week and we decided to make it our winter vacation (even though the kids didn't have a winter break)!  we tried to get in as much snow as possible and I think we were pretty successful.

Day 1:
Sledding at Fuji!
there's a fabulous ski resort at the base of Fuji called Fujiten where they have some big hills dedicated to sledding.  It was perfect. the weather was pretty fabulous.  we ditched our coats and just hung out in long sleeves and snow pants!  The hills aren't terribly steep or big and were exactly right for our family.   Zeb and Ike and Metta were all smiles and laughs for HOURS.
 Zeb and Ike are vigilant about watching for signs of eruption on Fuji.  It's kind of terrifying that she could blow at any moment :)   it would be almost entirely ash-and very unlikely- but we'd run into some serious problems if she does erupt while we're here.

Zeb and Ike are so self sufficient and great when it comes to stuff like this.  They aren't afraid of making friends or tackling the mountain by themselves.  and since metta and mack are a little high  maintenance currently- it's nice to have 2 easy kiddos.  
The japanese people don't let their babies slow them down- so we don't either.  Mack loved the sledding hill and went down several times.  Kent was a little worried taking him down- and then we saw a Japanese dad with a baby on his front AND back.  Mack is going to be a dare devil for sure. He smiled and smiled.

 metta is a weirdo,  she'd just find a pile of snow and lie down for awhile when she needed a break.
or she'd make snow cakes and snow cookies and offer them to anybody,
it was SUCH a bright day.  the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining directly overhead.  the snow was blindingly white.

I took this picture because half the time I'd turn around and metta would be somewhere with her face in the snow. eating it. she loves snow.
but who doesn't love a little good snow?  I loved eating snow when I was a kid.

Ike found a friend to hang out on the snow pile with.   when we left to eat lunch he was so afraid she'd leave.
here's the one token pic of me since I'm the photog.  taken in a window reflection:)
hot chocolate from the vending machines kept us toasty.
there was even a bounce house when we wanted a snow break!

for the most part our kids are adapting to the japanese food well.  Occasionally when we get food and metta sees rice and noodles AGAIN- she shouts "I don't want JAP-A-EZE food!!!".  It's pretty funny.   and then usually she'll scarf it down fasster than anybody else.  
I think all he had for lunch was ketchup.  The people here do NOT understand his love for the stuff.  He's actually learned to ask: "more ketchup, please" (motto ketsup kudasai) in Japanese because we make him ask for it when his runs out!
zeb is a our ramen champ.  He's growing up so much. we are going to leave Japan and he's going to be a new person.

Ike is such a great older brother.  Zeb doesn't care either way about metta or mack but Ike is pretty invested in trying to make them happy and help them out.  He took metta down the mountain over and over and over again.
The Japanese are so festive and unique in how they dress. I love it.  I think we all need to be a little more Japanese and have a little bit more fun in our fashion.  because we should be wearing snow skirts and sledding furs.
seriously- it was the perfect day.  the weather was so fabulous that Metta, Mack, and I all got little sunburns.  yet more proof that he's a redhead in the making.

we'll for sure head back for more fuji sledding!


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

That Ike looks so grown up in these pictures. We miss you guys, but love reading about your adventures. Seriously every morning my girls ask is there is a Leisy blog to read. They laugh and laugh over the pictures of metta.

Sherrie Fennell said...

Looks like a great time. I am glad you are getting to enjoy some snow