Monday, March 16, 2015

oh, mack.

He's my most photo neglected child. 
not to mention his lack of documented milestones.
he fits the perfect 4th child mold. forgotten. mellow. just kind of hangs out. and is extremely adaptable. :)
luckily Ike has taken a liking to him! and truthfully- just so people don't take me too literally- we all do love this kid.
my twin sis says he's the cutest of all my kids.  metta cries when we threaten to adopt him out to a Japanese family if he doesn't stop vomiting on us.  And Zeb asks to hold him every day. 

Ike jumps in his crib every morning and makes him giggle!  I will admit- that once babies finally break free from that stage where they shriek to be fed the moment they wake up- I really start to appreciate them for their cuteness!  I think that's my threshold. the magic transition period.  When I hear them babbling and cooing in the morning instead of thrashing about and crying for food!
 somebody told me last week that they thought his eyes were still going to change to brown.  I think that's HIGHLY unlikely!  look at them!!!   he may just be our black sheep. the blue eyed- blondie.
but it's pretty adorable.
 he's even cute when he's angry.
 he had his 4 month check up about a month ago and he was 16 lbs.  I did some intense roll over training the week before his appt- but he was never successful.  I think since then- he's rolled over 3 times.  It's only when tummy time goes too long or he's really grumpy.  We call him Mack, mackaroni, Ryu, and baby dragon.  He is still a terrible eater.  He's slow and messy with his bottle. and then he throws it all up. He has started solids, though! and is a CHAMP!  I thought for sure since he so bad at liquids- solids would be a nightmare! but he opens his mouth, swallows, doesn't use his tongue to spit it out, and eats quite a bit in one sitting.
 we thought for sure he was teething a month or so ago- but nothing has popped through yet.  Metta and Zeb already had a couple of teeth by now- so he's more on track to teeth like Ike.  His first tooth popped at 6 months.
I'm grateful he's so flexible with his sleeping and eating!  He usually does morning naps in the stroller or at the gym.  And even if it is messy and slow- he'll drink a propped bottle in his carseat while I run on the treadmill.  Don't tell his doctor that I prop the bottle!!!
 I really do like Mack.  how could you not like a face like this?!


Annie Oswald said...

Those eyes are NOT going to be brown. All your babies are cute. And he does look like a Ryu.

Julie Sacks said...

He totally has a different look than your other littles. I love the blue eyes...such a cutie!