Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tmi, I know.

 For the past two months I've been begging Kent to get a referral to a 'poo psychiatrist' for Ike.  They have food therapy for toddlers- so I figured they had poo therapy, too.  We potty trained him two months ago- but have had some #2 issues.  Kent talked to a pediatric GI doc he was working with who told him that since Ike was 2 1/2 he wouldn't even consider there to be a problem until he turned 4.  And then he told us the best solution would be to just stop potty training him for now.  The only problem is he is already trained!  100%. Doesn't wet the bed- doesn't have accidents. And will NOT pee in a diaper anymore. Our problem is- he doesn't poo.  When he finally needs to go- he'll beg for a diaper.  If he doesn't get a diaper he'll just hold it for DAYS on end. Even with miralax.  One night he woke up vomiting because he was so backed up!!!!  I called Kent in the middle of the night with him screaming bloody murder about terrible stomach pain.  Even all of his coworkers were worried because they could hear him wailing!!

And then we pumped him super full of miralax- and two days later he had the world's biggest fecal explosion. Up to his neck, down his socks.  All over his carseat.  EVERYwhere.  and you know what?!  I think that was the last straw.  He was so disgusted with his poo (and so was I!  Zeb was even totally grossed out) that the next time he had to poo- he sat on the toilet and went. and now he's cured. We don't need a poo therapist after all.

Here he is excitedly telling me he went poo.  He gets excited about stuff.
and here he's counting on his fingers 'how many poos'. He LOVES to count on his fingers.

and here's the second time this week we had to make a call to the doctor.  He keeps pulling his elbow out of his socket.  Or- Zeb keeps pulling it out.  Kent has always been home to deal with it- but this time I was all alone.  So I called him and got step by step instructions on how to put it back. Ike asked me to just leave it alone- and  hand feed him this fruit roll up.  I snapped his elbow back into place and he wailed for a bit- then ate the fruit roll up by himself.
These kids keep me on my toes.    Luckily they are best friends and keep each other on their toes, too.  I can't imagine what it would be like for them if they didn't have each other.  Or worse- what it would be like for me!

It makes me think that I'm going to need to have two close together again so that they have a built in best friend.

And then they go and get nasty to each other and I think- maybe I'll just take another long break after this one.

Here are some funny snap shots from the past week.
 Here's his 'smak- kiss me' face.  He HATES kisses- but loves this shirt.

 I realize it may be a superficial thing to worry about- but I don't want my kiddos to be super nerds.  I don't mind a little geeky. I just don't want them to be over the top awkward teenagers. What can I do if Ike already LOVES to wear his pants up like this?  He really does like it.


dockters said...

Leisy, I miss you when you don't blog!!

Sam is sitting here in awe of how big Zeb and Ike are now! They really look so grown up. So glad the poop issues resolved themselves!

Linz said...

Auri had poo issues too. Thankfully, she worked it out without such an... eventful (and gross) experience (although it was close, and embarrassed her greatly!)

So sorry you had to deal with that while preggers. Yikes.

Good luck honey!

Hutch's Blog said...

I feel so bad for Ike. I'm glad he got over the poo thing, though.

Michelle said...

I seriously am laughing so hard!! I'm so sorry for all the poo trauma/drama - but, he is SO cute!! I love that he counts his poos ... hahahahaha! Aaaaaand - so grateful my husband's title is not "poo therapist" LOL!

I'm loving Ike hikin' his pants up to his armpits - so. dang. funny.
And I love the real life pics you post (Zeb in a not so happy moment).

My absolute favorite is the two boys as best buddies. That is just the cutest ever.

I'm so glad you guys are out of the woods with all the poop issues.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

congratulations on the poop! That sounds silly, but I am really excited for you.

Philip Oswald said...

Leisy, Remember you had the elbow issues as well. We learned to put it back in place without the help of a doctor.

Anonymous said...

you are super mom! i don't know if i could pop an elbow back into place. i might take doo doo issues over that. lol!

Cynthia said...

thanks for the poop tip-miralax. I don't know how I will handle the explosion though:-) (spencer is totally scared to poop in the toilet too. I know at some point it will get resolved.)

Outlandish McCandlish said...

Yah for poop.... in the toilet that is. Wow if you had only known that all it would take is poop all over his body you might have smeared it on him long ago, jk.

brittani c. said...

I'm glad you don't hold back on your stories because this is one was pure entertainment. I don't know why poo is so funny...it just is.

Amy and Craig said...

Soph will hold her poo in for up to 3 wks at a time. I feel your pain. Miralax and little tummies laxatives are our best friends right now. She was a dream to potty train except now it's a total nightmare. Grr.... I can feel myself getting old!