Wednesday, December 21, 2011

 Kent says Ike looks like a little Middle Eastern girl here.  I was just trying to check the lighting at a certain time of day and Ike volunteered to be my little muse.
I'm a little worried about Ike.  I've been talking lots more about the impending sibling lately to try and prep him- but not much is working.  I told him I'd have to hold it a lot and he suggested that we "just put it upstairs and hold me" instead.  Today I was talking about how we are going to have to feed it and love it and take care of it.  Then I asked him:"will you help me feed it and hold it and love it?" to which he responded: "no! I'm going to hurt it!".  Yep, we're toast.  Any suggestions??!  I don't know if Zeb was too young when Ike was born- or if it is simply differences of personality-but he never bothered Ike or touched him or really cared much about him.   What do I do for a jealous child?
At least he's pooing, though.  My two goals for him before the arrival of rugrat #3 were pooing in the toilet without coercion and learning to recognize his alphabet.  The kid is almost three and Zeb seriously knew his alphabet BEFORE he turned two.  This Ike has got to get crackin.  He can sing the song and can recognize the letters he likes- but he's still got at least half to memorize.  I really shouldn't compare the two so much!  He's going to resent me for it at some point. Good thing he loves Zeb so much. I really hope they stay best friends forever!

Zeb was so good to teach Ike how to do the balance beam at the gym this week.  Although it did make him a little crazy.  Ike just wanted to run across it as fast as he could.

Zeb is far more patient and meticulous with things like the balance beam.  These boys are so different in so many ways.
Today at the library Zeb made me laugh so hard.  Just last night I was talking to Kent about what I would do if our kids were irresponsible with money once they get to be teenagers. I think it would drive me CRAZY.  Zeb reassured me a little today that he is following in his cheapo mother's footsteps.  We went to the kid's section of the library and there was a little boy who had constructed a variety of little lego weapons out of the toys they have there.  He had them set out on display and was 'selling' them.  Zeb looked at each one and asked the prices.  The little boy rattled off some nonsense numbers and Zeb asked him: "are any of them on sale?" the little boy was confused and asked: "what?" to which Zeb responded: "which of the weapons is the cheapest?".  I laughed out loud.  He shops with me way too often.


yaya said...

Way to teach good shopping skills! That is a gift that will keep on giving and he'll appreciate that when he's older..believe me. Maybe you should talk to Ike about how much he loves Zeb and how much Zeb loved him when he was a baby. Tell him that he will be a big brother to the new kiddo just like Zeb is a big brother to him. I don't know if it will help or not. My kiddos still haven't accepted the younger ones and they are in their 30's...good luck! P.S...frankly, if given a choice between having a kiddo poo in the potty to loving a new sib...give me the potty trained one every time.

Nate and Jessica said...

"no! I'm going to hurt it!"
I have to keep reminding myself too that it's NORMAL that Natalie isn't full on reading at 4.

Delaps said...

It is such a busy time of year. If you figure out the sibling rivalry let me know. Ellie has never been the same since Dallin was born! Of course now she loves him so that only makes it more complicated for her to deal with.

Annie O said...

Frugality is a genetic trait--Zeb is a Howell for sure. See you soon!