Sunday, January 1, 2012

the year in a BANG.

 What a whirlwind past few weeks!!!  holy smokes.

I've spent the past three days searching for my camera -so that I could blog- and finally found it in the cereal cupboard. Don't ask.   And now I'm going to have to blog backwards so that I don't forget anything.

Happy 2012.  I can only hope that this year brings as many exciting times as last year- but I just don't think it's going to happen.  Is it possible that I just lived the best year of my life?!?  I"m sure I've got plenty of grand adventures ahead- but honestly- our year 2011 was UNBELIEVABLE.  If I didn't live it I wouldn't have believed it myself!  Kent and I accomplished a lot of life goals and checked quite a few things off our bucket lists!  we worked incredibly hard and we were incredibly blessed.  I'm going to do a little year end review in pictures just to remind myself how great I have it :)

To end the year we decided to start the family tradition of a "Miller Family Awards" ceremony on New Year's Eve.  I got the idea from my cousin Rachael and I LOVE it.  Both boys were old enough to really understand and enjoy it.  We gave out awards and little prizes for the rugrats' biggest accomplishments of the year.  I can't wait to do this annually!

The boys were so excited to clap for each other and hear about their awards.  It was really cute.
Zeb definitely had an amazing academic year. He's counting into his thousands and reading like a champ!!

And Ike poos!!  I wouldn't normally give an award for a normal body function- but honestly- that poo was an accomplishment for the entire family.  And sharing. this kid is naturally gifted at being willing to share (usually).  He deserved the award.

I didn't print out certificates for Kent and myself but I should have!

This year we went to AUSTRALIA on a dream vacation.  Have I thanked all the people that made this possible?  THANK YOU again mom, dad, dave, michelle, metta, clair, melynda, brent, pat, and everybody else!

The vacation was so needed and so enjoyed.
 Kent was made a Captain in the U.S. Air Force!!
 AND Kent graduated MEDICAL SCHOOL and became a real live DOCTOR.  Best pediatrician ever :)  Kent has been working towards this since as long as he can remember and it finally happened!
I ran a FULL MARATHON.  definitely fulfilling a life long dream of mine.  It was terrible and wonderful and I'm pretty proud of myself :)
 We made a baby, too. that's a pretty big deal.  It may not arrive until 2012- but I've been working hard at growing it for the past seven months.

 We moved to DAYTON! into our first real HOUSE!!  The transition from apartment life to house life is just plain wonderful.  A garage is life changing :)
 We jumped out of an airplane!!  one of the most exhilarating moments of my life so far.

And most recently- we BOUGHT a car!!  after much trepidation and many sleepless nights (for me anyway!!)- we finally took the plunge!  spending money makes me so anxious- but we saved and saved and bought our very own minivan and it's all paid for. It's a Honda Odyssey and I absolutely LOVE it.  I guarantee it's the nicest car we'll ever own- and it's for the darn kids.  Our rugrats are so spoiled.  But so am I.  I really have been so excited for a van for awhile now.   The color is not my very favorite- but everything else is beyond perfect and we got such a steal on it!!  I've been searching and researching for MONTHS now and I was so happy to see my hard work pay off!!

come on by-I'd love to take anybody for a ride.

Welcome 2012!!!  can't wait to see what's in store!!


Outlandish McCandlish said...

Way to go Miller family!!

yaya said...

Happy New Year Millers! I think your year looked like a true winner and I have no doubts you will have just as much fun in 2012...especially with a new little Miller due..I'm hoping for a girl...but I'm sure another boy will be just as great! (as stated by the Mommo of 4 boys..)Good luck, good health and good grief we sure missed you this year!

Pat and Brent said...

That is an incredible year. You all deserve awards.

HowellAZ said...

I have to say your 2011 puts my 2011 to shame. But I'm happy for your awesome year...I kind of lived vicariously through you guys (except for the jumping out of a plane part). Love to read your posts!

Ashley D said...

Love the awards ceremony, how fun!

Michelle said...

Wowsa!! What a fabulous recap - and an amazing year.

That Millie is too cute for words!