Monday, January 2, 2012

the christmas eve that really wasn't.

 Kent's holiday schedule wasn't nearly as torturous as I'd anticipated.   He worked Christmas Eve and Christmas day- but the days ended up being shorter than scheduled and I had extra friends and family around.

Christmas Eve he was home by four and Laney and Taylor were in from Buffalo!  we celebrated with half of our normal Christmas eve festivities  We did our 'takeout' smorgasbord and had chinese, pizza, subs, breadsticks, famous Cincinnati chili, shrimp, and lots of other fabulous stuff.
We also had the elders over for the fun-
 and our good friends, the Stewarts!
 Since Kent had to go to work early Christmas morning - we just postponed it until the next day.
I was a little worried that Zeb was going to freak out or wake up thinking Santa had skipped us- but he just ended up thinking that Santa comes the night of Christmas- so it all worked out.  Next year depending on Kent's schedule we'll have to make some changes- but this year was perfect!

Christmas day we went to church- and spent the afternoon staying busy making a full Christmas dinner of turkey, potatoes, pie, and everything else.   Plus- Zeb and Ike had cousins to play with and I had my sis and her husband to keep me company.
Having Laney's little girl, Milly, around really did get me a little excited for the fact that we may have a girl.  I've kind of been set on the idea of another boy since mine are so great- and I already have everything I'd need- and I really do love little boys- but Milly was just so darn cute and fun. Maybe I could do a girl. and I'll totally put birds in her hair wear to church.

 I still have no idea if ours a boy or girl- and it's pretty exciting to think that we are just eight weeks from finding out!  I am not excited for a newborn baby- but I can't wait to see what it is.  That's really the main reason I don't find out gender- it gives me something to look forward to :)

I think that our family is ready for three.  The van sort of cemented it.  And Zeb and Ike really are excited.


Amber and Travis said...

You always do fun things! I love these pictures. I hope you have a girl! Then I can steal her from you because I love newborns!

Delaps said...

You did have such a fun filled year! Congrats on the VAN. I didn't let Ellie see the picture because she would want to have a ride in it. I love the awards ceremony. We may have to adopt the idea also. Can't wait to see what you guys do this year.

yaya said...

I can't believe how big Laney's kiddos are...Milly is adorable! I'm glad you had a great Christmas and I'm hoping for a girl too! The Elders must have loved that feast...the mission took our Elders away..I guess they gave up on Ashland! It's weird being Elderless.

Jill Lau said...

Laney's kids look so much like your is crazy!! I am excited for you guys to have a new baby and to see what it is! 8 weeks is so soon!!