Friday, January 6, 2012

family pictures.

The day after Christmas we all got together for a big family photo session!  It's not often that we are all together in the same place- so we had to take advantage of the opportunity.  I wasn't uber excited about it all considering I really don't like to see myself pregnant (call me vain if you'd like- I just don't like my pregnant belly!)- but I survived! I am surprised how smoothly it all went.  We seriously spent less than thirty minutes and got some decent shots!   I have a beautiful family!

 My dad appears to be a floating head in this one- but everybody else looks good :)

 Best sisters ever.


Justin and Jules said...

Leisy you should be proud of that belly you have and be grateful that it is not so protruding as mine always is!

Justin and Jules said...

PS I love the accents of red in your family pictures! They look great!

Kenna said...

You chose well on your outfit. You wouldn't know you are pregnant just by looking at the pictures. They turned out great! And hooray for the mild weather, right?

Outlandish McCandlish said...

What pregnant belly. At least you don't look pregnant when your not, like me.