Friday, January 20, 2012

last of the visitors!

 For the remaining days that the whole Oswald fam was in town we partied. Kent had five straight days off and that made it even better!! We got babystitters two nights and went out kidless to great Thai food and barbecue, went to the children's museum, saw the 'Muffets' movie, swam at Nannie Annie and Gramps' pool, and spent hours at the air force museum, and played with new toys.

We love the children's museum here! although I seem to lose a kid every time we go.  The crazy slides connect all three levels and it's really easy to lose children when they zip down a slide and you can't see at all where they've gone.

Zeb thinks the best part of my parents visiting is definitely the hotel pool benefit.  Everybody had a blast at the hotel!!

We went and saw the muppets movie.  The three rugrat boys (and clair) partied it up in our new swagger wagon.
and I've got a gazillion pictures from the air force museum. I can't believe that this place is free. It's a little boys dream come true- and keeps visitors entertained for a day!!
Have I mentioned how funny this Milly girl is? Plus she has GREAT clothes that will be hand me downs if we have a girl.

Daysa the astronaut.
And Zeb, too.  You know- this is a real space suit.
 Ike is obsessed with Clair.  After they left- Ike got sick and kept asking if Clair could hold him!!
Here's the turkey pushing clair around in his stroller.
The whole fam dam got to ride in the simulator. Except for me.  The man wouldn't let me on because of my 'condition'.  Seriously.  I went skydiving pregnant - I think I could have handled the simulator.

As much as I miss my family being close- living far away sure does make it exciting when they come and visit!!


Annie O said...

In the last pic it looks like Henry is about to blow chunks.
We had a blast. Let's save our pennies and do this again in a few years in Germany.

Annie O said...
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Laney said...

that picture of me in the hot tub has to be the worst picture ever first I thought, who is that fat girl in the hot tub with everyone? Then I realized it was me. awful.