Monday, January 30, 2012

I have so much blogging to do and so little motivation :)  There will be more posts this week for sure.

I know it sounds crazy- but I wake up every morning to the sun shining in through our windows and I get all sad inside.  Where or where is my snow?!  where is my winter?!  where are my gloomy days?! I need them. If we skip winter altogether- I may get depressed.

We've gotten a few light dustings- but it is NOT enough. And it all melts immediately.

The kids are pretty disappointed, too.  Zeb has been dying to make a snow angel.  
The boys LOVE the binocs that Kent got me for Christmas. We get to bird and squirrel watch in the back yard every day.
We had preschool at our place last week and we learned all about bodies.  Hearts, lungs, brains, our senses, the digestive system, and more.  We even did all sorts of exercises to match.  Brain exercises were learning and matching games, heart and lung exercises were races and the game 'hullabaloo'- and we even did digestive exercises at snack time :)
Zeb and the other kiddos LOVED doing full body tracings of themselves and then decorating their organ systems!  I did this very same thing when I taught junior high :)
Zeb is going to school next year for reals and I can't believe it.  Full day kindergarten!!  any suggestions on making full day the best experience?!  I'm pretty confident that he'll absolutely love it- but I don't want him to get too tired or burnt out!


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Quincy LOVED your lesson! She still talks about it daily. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Coolest teacher EVER!

Agh! Full day kindergarten! All day FIRST GRADE stressed me out with all of my kids ... ;)

Zeb'll be a rock star at school for sure!

dockters said...

Love the organ systems decorating...totally doing this next time I teach!!

Can you believe our boys are going to kindergarten?! Every once in a while pictures pop up on our computer of Zeb and Sam together...and they were so so little!

Sam will just have half day kindergarten here...thank goodness! Even though I'm sure he'd love full day, I don't think I can handle it yet!