Sunday, February 5, 2012

one more for the kiddos.

 This warm weather is killing me.  Have I mentioned that yet?!  do you really think it's possible that we are going to skip winter altogether?  seriously, though.  Has anyone seen an entirely skipped winter???  because that's what it's starting to look like to me.

Short sleeve game of frisbee in february in ohio?!  Zeb's screaming 'GOAL' here.  The boys made up their own little game and went at it for ages.
And here's our little athlete chucking the frisbee.  Tonight we turned the super bowl on and he excitedly asked: "football?!  I LOVE football!".  We don't watch many sports in this house- so when they come on- he gets excited.

their crazy 'goal' faces.  creepy little monkeys.
This past week was full of fabulous celebrations.  Ike hit the big 3.  Our rugrat is three years old- but he doesn't believe it.  He wouldn't accept the change to 2 last year either.   Weirdo.  I made him this '3' pendant to wear all day- and he still wouldn't accept it.  whatever.
 He's totally going to be our little attention getting kid.  He loves to be goofy and a little loud and little crazy.  We decorated the kitchen for his birthday and he was really excited to see the streamers and banner.
 I unveiled the cake and took this picture immediately.  I knew this cake was going to be an extreme hit with him.  He LOVES candy and especially chocolate.  I stole the idea from pinterest and just shrunk it to kiddo size. CRAZY easy.
 He had a lot of kit kats and m&ms with very little cake.  Totally has my taste buds.
 I am grateful to pinterest for so many great ideas- but it makes me feel so unoriginal.  I would have stolen some great cake idea from the internet anyway- but nobody would have known that previously.  Now everybody knows exactly where we get our ideas and nobody can pass off being original or creative.  Darn you pinterest.
 I love this picture of Ike.  It just shows how grown up he's become.
 This kid had soooo much fun playing with his new toys with Zeb.  Don't tell him- but this was a Christmas present we decided to hold off on because he got so much already!  goodwill- $1.50 cents.  HOURS of laughing and racing cars.  And don't mind his girly outfit :)  he and Zeb had gone to a friend's birthday  party that day (Ike totally thought it was his birthday party, too!!) and Ike had to borrow some clothes.  They only have girls in the house :)
This picture is such a good depiction of the boys. They really really are best friends.  Zeb says they are 'kind of twins'. They can make each other happier than anything you've ever seen.

Happy birthday little rugrat. Love you to pieces.


Justin and Jules said...

I'm glad you cleared that up about the girl clothes cause I was gonna ask! I still remember when we first moved in seeing cohen and Zeb laying next to one another doing nothing, now look! I can't beleive Ike and Jace are now turning 3! And Carter will be ONE this month... ONE!!! I'm glad Ike had a good b-day. And I love the cake... your right, pintrest is evil!

Michelle said...

I love those lil' munchkins so much. ALL of the pictures of them just melt my heart. They are cuties!!

Happy Birthday to the Ike-Man!

P.S. I love Pinterest ... I have no qualms whatsoever about not being original. haha!

sam and brittney said...

Hi Leisy! I'm Brittney Strebel and a friend of Laney. I know that you used to live in Toledo and had some questions about the town. My husband is graduating from med school in May and we are in the process of putting together a residency rank list. My husband interviewed in Toledo and we wanted to know a little more about Toledo so we can decide where to rank it. Did you like Toledo? How are the wards? Are there a lot of playgroups? I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy and a 2 month old little girl. Are there lots of things to do, ex. children's museums, zoos? If you could email me back telling me what you thought about Toledo that would be awesome. brittneystrebelatgmaildotcom. Thanks so much!

yaya said...

Happy Birthday to Ike! I can't believe he's 3...time has flown! Great cake too! I dont' blame him for not accepting his age..I can't accept my age when my birthday comes either. Both boys are just maturing and I know they'll be big helps when their new sib comes along soon!

Rachael said...

THREE?!!! WOW! Look at those cute brothers. Having kids close together really has advantages! And horrible bickering moments, too. :) Happy birthday to him. And love that cake. Hey - I didn't see it on pinterest, so you get all the credit in my book! But I bet that means I better add you to my friends, huh?!

Rachael said...

wait - you ARE my friend on pinterest! :)

brittani c. said...

Us too. We have the best sledding hills behind our house and the lack of snow is seriously cramping our style. As much as I hate February, I don't like that it's been feeling like March weather.

Happy b-day, Ike! Hope you're pregnancy is going well, Leisy.

brittani c. said...

Your. Ugh, I can't believe that I spelled it wrong. Big pet peeve.