Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So today- on the 14th of February- Kent and I celebrate our 14th Valentine's Day as best friends- and he works a 14 hour shift :)  I sent him with 14 cards/notes to open every hour of his shift so he wouldn't feel  unloved :)

and in honor of valentine's day - I'll continue my tradition of reminding myself why I'm so happy by listing 14 of my loves.

♥  Kent. oh so much.  he just gets better and better each and every day.  

I mentioned this yesterday- but I ♥ Target.  What a heavenly heavenly place. I think I'll fill Kent's absence today by visiting target.  It's almost the same thing.

Even though I tend to complain a lot- I really do ♥ my rugrats.  It's amazing how these little creatures (I am referring to my kiddos) can just burrow their way into my heart.

I ♥ my savior, Jesus Christ, and his perfect gospel.  How am I the most blessed person on earth? to have what I have and know what I know is truly the greatest gift.

I ♥ Ohio.  I think that I was born destined to spend part of my existence here. Such a wonderful place with such wonderful people.

And although I may not be saying this when Kent is spending six months on the other side of the world- I ♥ the U.S. Air Force.  So many blessings have come our way as we've been a part of the military.  

This may make me sound so cliche- but I really really ♥ my minivan. Life changing. Have you ever been able to push a button and have your doors open up? or have your bum warmed by your seat? pure delight.

I still really ♥ my YMCA and a great workout.  There is almost nothing better than a hard workout or a good long run or spin.  Definitely my therapy.  

I will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart for m&ms. I ♥ them more than words can express.  Especially the holiday colored ones. Why do they taste so much better when pink in February and red and green in December?!

I ♥ losing myself in a good tv show.  Kent watches project runway with me every week, still. And we laugh uncontrollably through Modern Family.  And when he's working nights I push through seasons of Prison Break.  What a wonderfully terrible time wasting vice :)

I also ♥ getting lost in a good book. or magazine for that matter.   

I ♥ having something to look forward to.  Like holidays and parties and girls nights and Kent coming home from work.  I think life should be celebrated EVERY day so there's always something to look forward to.

I ♥ to eat. food in general.  If I was half as dedicated about my eating as I am at the gym- I'd be super woman. Too bad I love it so much. and too bad it tastes so good!!

and finally- I ♥ my family. my church family. my extended family. my in-law family. my friend family. all of them.  I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such great people.


Jessica said...

What a great list! Love knowing you are feeling so loved!
And I agree Target just as much! I have $105 in gift cards to spend and I'm counting down the hours til I can get there!

Justin and Jules said...

I love that you mentioned that you love that your bum can get warm in your van. I remember when Kent came to pick us up from the air port and our bum warmer was on and he could not figure out how to turn it off so he said he rode half cheeked in the seat for like 20 min. till he could find the button to turn it off. Still makes me giggle to this day.

tiffany said...

oh i love target too oh so much i used to go about 4 times a week but not latley i have been going threw withdrals badly

m&ms have cgerr falcored ones out for valentines day the are soooo gooood im addicted to them

Michelle said...

LOVED this post! Too cute and sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Annie O said...

And I love you.
Did you get my e valentine?