Tuesday, February 21, 2012

177 hours.

 Alright you little rascals- this is it. Your last week as just the two of you.  Live it up.

I don't think the transition will be crazy but who knows.  Any seasoned parents have any 'going from 2 to 3 kid' suggestions? I hear from some that it's the hardest transition- from others that it wasn't hard at all.

We've got gramps coming for a week when rugrat #3 arrives so I think the boys will be amply entertained and spoiled- and after he leaves I plan on sending them to the toy room for hours on end :)   and turning on the tv.

This week they spent a lot of time perfecting their 'hot wheels track'.  We may have to get a few more track extenders to keep them busy.
they rigged it to shoot the cars into their giant car transporter.
As far as I go- I feel like this thing inside of me is going to stay forever.  No real contractions- even when I'm spinning or running.  I do- however- sometimes feel like there is something trying to claw it's way out of me.  I've felt it at the end with all of my kiddos and I'm assuming I'm effacing or dilating or something.  tmi? probably- but this is my blog.

I taught my last bootcamp class yesterday and I have my last doctor's visit tomorrow.  How did it all come to an end so quickly?!?  I'm having a lot of anxiety trying to keep myself busy this final week.  I wake up super early because my brain clicks on and won't stop.  I really should deep clean my house- but I abhor cleaning.  Of course Kent's hours are atrocious for these few weeks and so I'm even having to entertain myself in the evening!!

Luckily I am teaching preschool this week and that has taken up some mornings and planning time. We are learning about insects. Notice how the kids' pictures are morphologically correct.  All legs coming out of the thorax- and not abdomen or head.  This is the real deal.  Entymology at its finest. We watched movies of dung beetles and ate bee barf (honey) with our snacks.
I think Zeb remembered everything from this lesson when I taught it last year for his preschool. He's one smart cookie.
I bet Ike doesn't remember a thing when I use it again next year for his preschool :).  These boys are so different in their talents and abilities.

This picture just makes me giggle. His fat little face and funny look.  I think he's going to be our chunky kid.  He's in the 75th percentile for weight and LOVES food.
and zeb. he's not going to be chunky.   I love this haircutting picture of him.

and his valentine's writing one.

 I'll try to get in a few more blog posts and pictures in over the next few days!

I've just got to keep this thing in for 7.5 more days.   177 more hours.  wish me luck.


Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, and Josh said...

Your boys make me smile! Quincy had a ton of information spilling out on our way home from school. Thanks! You are the best.

yaya said...

Don't forget, you're suppose to have this kiddo on MY birthday...a week from today. Your boys are so grown up and I know this new kiddo will be well entertained and loved..good luck and happy epidural.

boysmum2 said...

Downer moment here....but don't count on those 177 hours, anything, as you know, could happen and those hours could all disappear in an instant! Enjoy what you ahve though...looking forward to hearing the news.

Sheri said...

We're all excited for your SUPER cute family. : ) I LOVE that picture of Zeb concentrating so hard on his valentines. Such a cutie. : )

Justin and Jules said...

Good Luck!!! For my boys, I don't think the transition even phased them. They had each other (and the TV) to keep them entertained. I think I have said this before, but the worst is going places. You just run out of hands and room with 3. I think it has taken me a good year to get used to taking 3 with me every where! You will do great though! I am so excited to see what this kid is!!! (PS Carter turns 1 tomorrow, crazy right? I guess even though they will be one year apart, there birthdays are still only days apart just like our other ones!)

dockters said...

Leisy...I can't believe baby #3 will be here so soon!! Good luck with it all. You can do it. Three kids is busy, but like julie said your older 2 have each other, which is a huge help! I'm dying to know what you're having! When things settle down a bit let's get together and introduce these 3rd kids of our's to each other.