Monday, February 13, 2012

some pretty bad pictures....

We are trying to make the most of our last few weeks as a family of four!  And this weekend was pure heaven.  Basically our Valentine's celebration.

Kent got off early on Friday and made it to the Valentine's Dance at church- and then had the entire weekend off!  we went to the gym Saturday and had breakfast at the 'Heights cafe' here in Dayton. Their french toast is divine.

Then we spent the afternoon 'glow in the dark bowling' on base!  Zeb didn't love the loud music- but had fun bowling. Ike loved everything about it.

I love this picture of the boys. I have no idea why I took it. I just can't believe that I may be outnumbered 4 to 1 any day now!!   but if it is a boy- we are in SERIOUS need of name suggestions.  It's got to go with Zeb and Ike.  Original and unique but also traditional and/or family name. ????  Please- send them our way!!
I loved the little bowling shoes for the rugrats.

and they loved the cool dino ramp.  Zeb even bowled a strike with it.  But I ended up winning. I beat Kent by one point and the wager was dinner. He prepared, served, and cleaned up Sunday dinner entirely by himself.  He made his divine -from scratch- chicken cordon bleu with white wine sauce, swiss mashed potatoes, candied carrots, and green beans. When somebody else makes and cleans up dinner it somehow tastes SOOO much better.
I've also decided to include a picture of me and my pregnant belly.  37 weeks.
Yes- I hate pictures of my pregnant self.  Just because.  No real reason.   Maybe if I actually tried smiling or posing for one- I'd like them better!  But for all you belly picture wanters (M and Kristy!!)- here you go :)  I really am bowling here. It isn't staged.  I took a bowling class in college but seemed to have forgotten everything. I'll just blame the growing parasite inside of me for my bad form and awkwardness!!  just maybe we'll get a better (planned) picture before the rugrat arrives.
This pregnancy has been remarkably smooth and fast. I can't believe that I've been pregant ever since we moved to dayton!!!  I stopped teaching classes at the gym last week- but I'm still going and feel great.  Honestly though- I can't wait to run and workout withOUT a giant belly.

It's pretty crazy that it's almost over.  I can actually say that this time around I'm more excited for the arrival of a new little rugrat than I ever have been.  I think I feel ready for once. Zeb and Ike are well behaved and take care of themselves so well.  They are old enough that I don't feel like I still have another baby to take care of!  Besides the normal 'lack of sleep anxiety'- and the fact that I don't really love babies- I'm totally ready. AS LONG AS I GET THE EPIDURAL :)  so keep me and my drug wishes in your prayers. please.

And since I'm making requests- I thought I'd post some of my others here for Kent (or anyone else) to see:

With valentines day- and the birth- and MY birthday coming up- I thought I'd make it easier and provide a list. I usually like only surprises- but considering Kent is the busiest he's EVER been- I owe it to him to make it a little easier.

1. after I have the baby I want a smoothie ( I like the peach and pineapple- and tropical type ones) and sandwich from Tropical smoothie cafe. I HATE hospital food and am not really hungry after having kiddos- but fresh food is the one thing that sounds delicious.

2. I need/want a long black (or any great) necklace.  any ideas on where to get one?!  I've seen a few at target but have no other ideas!!  where do you get your jewelry?

3.  I want a flash scoop.
preferrably before the baby arrives.

4. when all else fails- get me a target gift card. Nothing makes me happier than browsing the aisles of target with a giftcard to spend.


Jill Lau said...

Good luck with everything!! That is crazy you have been pregnant since you moved to Dayton....time flies. That is an easy way to keep track of how long you have lived there. I am excited to see what you have!!

Justin and Jules said...

Amen to the Target gift card. I'm obsessed with them! And Leisy, you look GREAT!! I personally love the belly pics and love to see other's pics so Im glad you posted one. I'm sure you are getting lots of comments at the gym of. "I can't beleive you are still working out!". I know I got sick of them last time around. I will keep you in my prayers for getting your drugs! said...

Wish I looked like that when Im that far along. Gift card over flowers ANY DAY!

M- your favorite said...

LOVE THE BELLY PICTURE!!! LOVE IT!!Now I just need to touch it! :) hahahha
Thanks for the gift ideas! That is always useful! Can't wait to see the new rugrat. I want HIM to come now!

yaya said...

You look just wait a few weeks and have him/her on my bday..Feb.28th..that's only a few weeks away and then I will win the baby pressure, just do it! As for names..let's see: John Boy, Jim Bob..I watch way too many Walton episodes. Sorry. After 4 boys of my own I've used up every name available.

Cynthia said...

you look great Leisy! I am glad you actually posted a prego picture.
So I just went bowling this weekend prego too (and i took a bowling class in college). I have gotten a little rusty too and it is harder to bowl pregnant, but I still won one of the games too:-)

Annie O said...

My vote is for Harold and call him Harry or Hal (or Red if he has red hair). You already know what I want you to name a girl baby.

Michelle said...

Hmmm. I like Harold too (Hal for short) - is that a family name?

You look so dang cute, Leisy! You make pregnant look good.

Can't wait to see the new munchkin!

Target card from me ... hope that's okay :). Easiest to mail. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a cousin named Lazarus, and we've always called him Laz. It kind of goes with Ike and Zeb, doesn't it? I LOVE the name, and I think it works well with the other two.

Good luck!!! :)



Susanna George said...

I like the name Zeke, but that might sound a bit too much like Ike...ha ha ha, now that I think about it, it's Zeb and Ike put together....maybe not! We also love the names Ezra, Lyle, Micah and Ivan. I'm kind of hoping you get a girl this time around, but at least you know that you make adorable little boys! Best of luck with everything, and PLEASE come visit us when things get back to normal. We would love to have you guys stay with us. Lots of LOVE!