Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ninja warriors

Japan is kid heaven.  we explored another park this past weekend and found the world's MOST amazing mountain of adventure.  This place is unreal.  It was an obstacle course that covered an entire mountainside.  20 times bigger than the last obstacle course park we visited!  They really must train their children here to become Ninja Warriors.  There's no other explanation for parks like this.

Or maybe they just really want to wear out their kids day after day!  I'm all for that.  Our kids are sleeping like logs now that we've adjusted to the time!!
These places will be even more amazing in the fall! not so many mosquitoes and much less humid!  I think it's 97 degrees today. plus insane humidity.  uggh.

 zip lines are everywhere, too.  who doesn't love a zipline??
 we could barely keep up with these little monkeys. Ike would shriek with delight every time we saw a new amazing obstacle to conquer.
 I love that these two have each other! especially with this move.  they are truly best friends.
I thought this slide was even more fun than the roller slide.  It wasn't nearly as long- but it was faster and steeper!
 why don't they have slides like this every where?!   and for free nonetheless!
 just check out his sweatiness.
 and his, too.  have I mentioned it's hot and humid here??
 attached to the obstacle course is a gorgeous garden with ponds and hiking/walking trails.

 Some of the trails were pretty intense - but we stuck to the less steep ones!  we'll head back when it's 20 degrees cooler!

every day that passes here- I am happier.  the emptiness in me fills up a little more.  It's hard to move and change your life!  But- I am loving this adventure!!  and we are making friends and exploring the world.

and eating really weird stuff. We had dinner with all of the pediatricians this weekend (all 3 of them)  and our friends brought dessert.  the beans in my ice cream abut did me in. nobody liked them.  YUCK,


Annie Oswald said...

Every day you top the day before. I am so jealous that you just keep having more and more and more fun. Can NOT wait to come see you. And I want to go to these obstacle parks.

Love you.

XXOO to all

Michelle said...

Wowsa!! I totally want to try that slide! What a cool ninja park. The kids look completely in their element. I love the beautiful leaf bug that Metta found, too! And - I can totally see the mosquito bites on Zebber's legs. Bless his heart! Aaron started football yesterday and came home with about 20 bites on his legs. Stupid mosquitos. They are very no bueno. How hard is "no bueno" in japanese? haha. That'd be a good one for me to learn. :)

Love you guys!

Pat and Brent said...

Wow! Amazing park. It's nice you guys have it all to yourselves. That is a kids paradise. Glad you're all adjusted to the time difference. We miss you and are SO grateful for the technology that keeps us close. Love your blogs!