Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Tanabata Festival!

every day is an adventure here!

This is how I pictured Japan!!  Brightly colored lanterns hanging in the alleyways, intricately designed kimonos, and crazy anime characters everywhere.  The Fussa Tanabata festival did not disappoint!

the festival was all down the streets alongside the base.  we took our stroller down- but eventually had to ditch it in a bike parking lot because the streets were too crowded to try and maneuver with it!  Kent was worried it would get stolen.  I may be a little naive- but I do know the Japanese have an impressive respect of property that does not belong to them. Crime ON base is MUCH worse than off. Our stroller was untouched at the end of the evening.
  There were so many people everywhere.  it was pretty amazing and a lot of fun.  quite the sensory overload with the smells, food, colors, dancers, music, and lights!

The parade went on for the entire 2.5 hours we were there!  there must have been thousands of dancers!!

 all of the lanterns and hanging displays were so festive.   everything was neon!
 we are pretty lucky we never lost our kids in the chaos!  I never got pictures of our food but we ate the most delicious street meat and snowcones!
 I'm really glad we went out at night time when we could see the lanterns lighting up the streets!!  the kids didn't complain much until the end when they got really tired of walking.  we were out past bedtime and I can imagine it was pretty overwhelming!  Although Ike always gives the death glare when we take his picture.
 we played a few kids games and took home some prizes.
 Metta had the most fun.  She loves all of the excitement.  and is even happy to oblige the Japanese people who stop to touch her hair!  they love it. and they love her!  She already knows how to say and use 'Konichiwa' and 'Arigato' appropriately!
The Japanese love their cats!  and so does metta!

There's a giant friendship festival this upcoming weekend on base where all the people from the surrounding towns to come and are welcome on base to take part!  I'm excited to experience all of these festivals!!


Amber and Travis said...

I bet they all just adore Metta! Japan totally fits her personality with all the bright, over the top decorations and cats! And I like the picture of you! You look great!
I forgot about your stroller you got. Isn't it the best?!

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

I am glad you still had all of your kids by the end of the night. Do you see any other Americans wondering around like you? All of those colors and decorations look amazing!

Jill Pierce said...

That is beautiful. I love all of the costumes.