Sunday, April 5, 2015

'Sakura' 桜 and Easter

I can finally take a deep breath and relax.  I saw just about every cherry blossom I wanted to see!  and just in time.  It's starting to look like it's snowing all over Japan.  the petals are falling and covering everything.  It's a pretty intense week when they are in full bloom (for me anyway)!  It's this constant nagging anxiety that I'm not going to see them all- or that I won't get enough pictures of them!  I have the same problem with autumn and the changing leaves. Only this is MUCH worse because the 'sakura' -or cherry blossoms- are so short lived and can disappear with too much of a breeze or any rain.  I'm relieved that it's almost over :) and happy that we ended with such a lovely Easter.

we live near the Tama river- and it's one of the best places for sakura nearby!  I took metta and mack for a walk down the trail one morning and metta insisted on dressing like a pirate!
 she wears this outfit 1-2 a week and tell people she's an 'angry captain hook'.
 lanterns make everything fancier and more japanesey!

 I just had to throw this picture in.  He looks so bright and springy with his blue eyes and pale skin :)

the best spot in the area for cherry blossoms is this road on base right near our house! Even the Japanese locals agree- you can't find a much more impressive site than the road out the East gate!

 I went running under the tunnel of blossoms every single day this week!!  Pictures don't do the sight justice.  It's so magical.
 this is the street that runs along the boys' elementary school! we live in such a beautiful place.

 Saturday we took the train into Kichijoji!  we've been before- but not to see the cherry blossom and ride the paddle swan boats! It was perfect. and so so fun.
and really really crowded! which made it that much more fun! usually big crowds make me a little crazy, but it was actually a lot of fun with so many people on the lake. Japanese people LOVE to giggle. even adults!  there was a lot of bumping into to people and a lot of giggling.  I loved it.
 The kids also had so much fun.  Ike especially loved it. But he loves racing and bumper cars and doing new things.  He laughed the entire time we were on the boats! Mack was the only one not having fun. Kent held him and he screamed until he finally zonked!
kichijoji is one of the really popular spots in tokyo to enjoy spring and the blossoms! people bring tarps and spread them out and eat and drink and picnic for HOURS.  My favorite part of this all is their shoes.  The Japanese are VERY particular about shoes and where they can go.  If you see in this picture- all of the people have removed their shoes to step on their tarps where they eat. It's crazy to me!!  especially since they don't allow shoes in many restaurants but they DO allow smoking!!

before church this morning we stopped to get a family Easter picture under our sakura street!
 the blossoms on the ground look like confetti!! this metta is a riot.  When we picked her up from nursery last week - I asked: "what did you do today in class?" She replied- in a very scary growling voice: "I scratched EVERYone!!!"  Kent held her down after church and clipped every fingernail while she wailed. She's been scratching her brothers lately and we don't know where she gets it!! they don't scratch at all!!
 these brothers are so good to each other. people ask us ALL the time if they are twins.  I can see it a little bit. They are definitely brothers and I love that they have each other.
 this is my favorite picture of the morning.  metta kept complaining that mack stunk.   and I guess he wanted to eat her piggie.
 these kids are awesome.  we don't do the Easter bunny at our house but Ike said that was "okay" because "he's not real anyway".  We did do some parent baskets for them containing new toothbrushes, fuzzy blankets, and a family movie! they were pleased.

And finally- for MY easter present- guess what I got?!?!
Friday night I stayed up camping out ALL night for tickets to THIS  CONCERT!!!  at the tokyo dome!!
WOOHOO!!  it's going to be SO MUCH FUN!  
kent leaves for the states in a few days- and gets home right before the concert!  It will be a much need break!


Amber and Travis said...

I didn't realize you were a Taylor Swift fan! That will be so fun!
Your kids are getting so big and they are just as cute as ever! We miss you guys here!
Love the family pic! It will be such a fun memory down the road!

Kent and Leisy said...

It's hard not to be a Taylor Swift fan! She's so talented. I wish I were going too! - Kent

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

Sorry you have to be alone for a while. My girls are so jealous you get to go! Say hi to Tay for us!

yaya said...

Such a beautiful place! Happy Easter! Those kiddos are getting so big!