Monday, April 27, 2015

Mack the Dragon.

I haven't pulled out my picture taking props since we moved here- but decided that Mack's 6th month of life deserved them.  So- ignore the bends in the backdrop and the fur pieces in macks's mouth :)- I used a cardboard box to hold stuff up- and he really liked the rug.

I think this kid looks like Ike.  He definitely has Ike's mouth/lips.  And we love this pic because it looks like he's stuck in a sea of fur :)  His legs are actually behind him.
 Mack is pretty cool.   Definitely a 4th child.  relaxed.  Easy to please.  But still vomits. a lot. Only now it's full of sweet peas and summer squash.  Our carpets need majoor cleaning- but I won't do it until I'm sure his up-chucks are over.

 I can't believe how much he loves to eat food. He is SO good at it.   No tongue forcing food back out- no gagging when it reaches his throat.  He slurps it all up.   We haven't given him any fruits yet - just veggies. But he seems pretty happy with vegetables.

 He has two teeth on the bottom- but they are just barely poking through.  The last few weeks with Kent gone were full of LONG nights.  He simultaneously sprouted teeth and hit a growth spurt. I think he gained 5 pounds with Kent away. Of course- with his dad home- he's already back to almost normal sleep habits.
I've heard people say that the more kids you have- the less attention they get.  I find the very opposite to be true.  there is ALWAYS somebody trying to make this lucky rugrat smile.  Somebody always wants to play with him or help him eat.  He does not want for attention. In fact- when people babysit him I ask them to try not to hold him too much- and to not look him in the eyes too often.  I think he's getting spoiled.
I have no idea what color his hair is going to be.  I've lost hope that it's red. But it's much lighter than our other boys.  Am I really going to have a blonde haired blue eyed kid??
He makes pretty good faces and his big blue eyes stand out in the family sea of brown!  he has the perfect little round head.  My children's heads are very well shaped.  It must be due to their fabulous brains.
I call him fatso and chubba wubba.  my kids aren't all that big- but I think he's my biggest 6 month old yet. He has his well child check this week- so we'll see just how much this chunk weighs.
also- while kent was away- he turned into mr. grabsy.  Last week he grabbed my entire plate of dinner food and threw it onto the ground.   His days of being held tableside are over.  He is getting pretty good at grabbing things on the floor, too.  He can't crawl- but he can roll, squiggle, and pivot.  And plank.  He's mastered the plank.  Metta tells people: "Mack is a wiggle worm".  She couldn't be more right.
And finally- he just entered that phase where he likes to hear himself screech.  It's loud. and obnoxious.  but sometimes, if it's just a soft coo, it's adorable.

Our little dragon is pretty awesome.  He's a lot of work- but is earning his keep.


Amber and Travis said...

Are you kidding? His hair definitely looks red to me! Don't lose hope yet! I see lots of Metta in him too! He is a cute kid!

Sherrie Fennell said...

CUTE!!!!! These kids grow so fast

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, Ava, Cora, and Josh said...

You tell people to not look in his eyes too often??!! You are so funny! He looks like he has a lot of personality, and definitely has Ike's lips. Does he do the beak thing like Ike?

Annie Oswald said...

The swedish genes are coming through!

He is ADORABLE. Can't wait to see and hold him.


Emily Frandsen said...

the pictures of him in the sunglasses kill me!!! he is so cute!!

Jill Pierce said...

I hope his hair stays red. He is super cute. You did well, Leisy. :D