Sunday, May 10, 2015


I MUST blog about the Taylor Swift concert.  It's just one of those things I HAD to do because I probably won't ever get the chance to do it again! and I'm SO GLAD I went!  A couple of months back- we camped out all night to get tickets and it was worth every minute of the waiting!!! 
Taylor started her 1989 world tour HERE.  this was the first stop along the way.  and it was awesome.

We got our tickets through the base trips and excursions place and got a -relatively- amazing deal. Way cheaper than we'd been able to find independently! plus- they took us to the concert and drove us home. I went with a group of wonderfully fun ladies.  It's astounding that no matter where I live in the world- I find the best and most fun people :)
We spent a half day in tokyo and had a blast.  I think I really needed a 'girls day'. It was so fabulous. 
All of the Japanese Taylor swift fans made the whole experience that much better!  The Japanese really know how to love something and show it!
they LOVE to dress up in matching outfits and carry signs and take pictures.  

I really do fit in here quite nicely. besides my hair color!

the concert was at Tokyo Dome- a giant baseball dome.  Surrounding the dome is 'tokyo dome city',  we spent our afternoon shopping, eating, and playing there!

we got out t-swift shirts for a ridiculous 4000 yen!!  the yen rate is 118 yen to the dollar.  but- the shirt is so worth it. and I'll wear it until it until I can't wear it anymore :)

Also at the Tokyo dome city is a ROLLER COASTER!  the thunder dolphin.  and it was INSANE! overpriced- but amazing.  I'm so glad we rode it.  This is actually us on the roller coaster in the picture!!  Our friends who didn't ride could tell it was us because we were the only roller coaster car screaming like wild animals.  The Japanese are very reserved in their excitement when it comes to showing emotion.  They love to dress up and appear wild- but they act calm and usually keep pretty quiet.  the 8 american girls screaming with their arms in the air were a sight and sound to behold :)  and seriously- the ride was CRAZY!  it was amazing to ride through the skyline of tokyo!!!!

here I am being taylor swift.  we look a lot alike, right?
we ate dinner at 'bubba gump's'.  mostly because it was the only place that had a table big enough for ten people :) and the food really was delicious.
my favorite part of dinner was teaching liz and amy how to take selfies! they'd NEVER taken one!!  we were all laughing pretty hard!  Liz- in this pic- actually was in Dayton with us! her husband is
one of the other pediatricians who works with Kent here and was in his residency program in Ohio!
the concert itself was fabulous.  Taylor loves to 'talk' to her fans- but the problem here was that nobody understood her!!  she'd interject a 'tokyo' or 'japan' sometimes into her long monologues and the fans would go wild!  she even tried her hardest at a few japanese phrases and words!  it was so funny!! 

the dome is SO SO big!!  it was incredible to be there with so many people.
we each got our own super cool LED bracelets that flashed colors to the songs! they were pretty nifty. and then we got to take them home! now they flash when you tap or shake them.  My kiddos love it!!

the bracelets all turned on and changed colors differently depending on where we sat and what music was playing.

the most incredible part of the entire evening was after the concert.  they released the stadium of 55,000 people BY SECTION!!  and everyone sat patiently and waited their turn.  It was NUTS.  at first I could not figure out why we couldn't get out- it was driving me INSANE.  But- everybody walked out calmly and slowly when their section was announced.  It actually made for a pretty smooth and fast exit.  If only the entire world could be as respectful and polite as the Japanese.  It really is a sight to see.
such a fabulously fun day.  I don't know what we are going to do when we move back to America and don't have something fun and exciting to do every week!!  maybe we'll never come back!!!!

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