Wednesday, July 8, 2015

All about Zeb.

 Zeb turned 8 last month!  And it's great to be 8.  

He just finished out his 2nd grade with Mrs. Piddington- the most fabulous teacher around.  He was awarded the "Most likely to be an Engineer" award and his favorite subject in school is STEM.  He's constantly building planes, roller coasters, and anything else he can think up.  He's almost finished with Harry Potter #7!!!  And he agrees- the books are much better than the movies.  He loves playing games with his friends, riding his bike, and reading.  For his birthday he got laser tag guns!  Even I think they are pretty cool.  He still loves a good joke and is pretty good at coming up with his own wise cracks.
His most recent:
Q: what broom does a dentist ride when playing quidditch?
A. the Nimbus TOOTHhousand.

He also was baptized a few weeks after his birthday.  He was "a little nervous, but mostly excited" for the baptism.  I was so impressed that he wanted to invite all of his friends to come!  we printed out these invites and he got on his bike and delivered them all over base to neighbors and his friends from school!  So many people came out to support him and it was a wonderful evening!
I'm so happy that Zeb made the decision to get baptized. It's a big deal- and he was very prepared!
 he even got his Nannie Annie and Gramps to come for his baptism all the way from America.

And auntie Daysa!

we took some pictures for his invites out in the backyard one morning at 7:00 AM.  the mosquitoes were in FULL force and we both got eaten alive in just five minutes.  this is one of my favorite pics of him- but it has a mosquito on his forehead!!
 Zeb is a fabulous kiddo.  He tries his best to be kind, choose the right, and be a great older brother even though, in his words, "being the oldest is so hard"!

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Pat and Brent said...

What a great day! Way to go Zeb, YOU'RE an amazing example. Love you so much. Can't wait to see you in August.