Tuesday, July 7, 2015

catching up!!!

eek. so much to blog.  I am SO behind and am determined to catch up now that we don't have any visitors coming! my goal is to get it all finished BEFORE we go to the US in August for my sister's wedding!  

a few weekends ago- we went hiking to some nearby waterfalls.  I LOVE the early summer weather here! It hasn't been terribly hot or humid- but it's warm enough to be 'summer'. and the green is amazing.  although the last few weeks since our hiking we've had enough rain to turn our yard into a swamp.

we finally got our own good quality baby hiking backpack!  I got it on one of the swap pages here and Mack loves it.  But- he loves everything- so that's not saying much.
 the water was pretty cold- but that didn't stop anybody from getting in.  besides me! I don't love water- and if it's super cold or super hot- I like it even less.

 I love bugs,  we just got a giant beetle grub that's going to hatch into our summer pet!!  I'll post pictures when it starts to change!  here's a little 'true bug'- or hemipteran.  Zeb accidentally squashed it with his hand right after this picture.
 metta is the best. she really is a fun person to be around.

 she loves japanese letters/kanji and always wants her picture with them.

 there was a fabulous little food shop at the base of the hike.  we ate delicious soba and curry and softoo creamoo.
this stuff in the picture is one of my least favorite japanese treats. UGH.  it's gelatinous beany something. and it's disgusting.  but the lovely older japanese lady who owned the shop gave a bowlful for free so we had to do something with it! kent ate some. I hid mine in a napkin and shoved it in my bag.

our kids have come so far in eating japanese food!  metta has always been a champ- but is even better!  they all love soba and udon and ramen (noodle types).  Metta is especially good at noodle slurping.
my favorite vegetable in Japan is the orangey/yellow pumpkin called 'kabocha'.  It's delicious. and, of course, expensive.  The darn produce here is ridiculous. I'm afraid when we move back to the states I'm going to freak out and overdose on berries and melon and veggies because they are so cheap!!
 we were hoping to do a lot of hiking this summer- but have had to scale back some with miss metta's leg! she is SO heavy!! although we still have managed to get in A TON of walking and hiking in and we only have 2.5 weeks of the ast to go.
this kid is 8.5 months now! it's nuts. he's our biggest baby yet.  so big, in fact, we were worried he had hydrocephalus!  we were monitoring him for awhile (meaning I was obsessively measuring his head several times a day at home)- and he passed the 97% percentile for head circumference- so he had a head ultrasound.  None of our kids have big heads, and neither do Kent or I.  Plus- at birth his head measurement was only in the 50th percentile- so it was the growth rate we were mostly concerned about. Thankfully everything came back clear!  hooray. he's just got a melonhead. his brain must be out of control.
he's a great little munchkin.
part of the hike had a pretty treacherous area!
little itty bitty ledges with chain to hold onto so we did't slip into the water below!
probably not the most popular path for young families like ours :)

but once we traversed the skinny parts- there was lots of water to play in!

when I took this picture- I told metta to hang on as tight as she could with BOTH hands!
can you see zeb's head poking out in this picture?  We love the mountains of Japan so so much.  they are beautiful and refreshing!

stay tuned for LOTS more of our summer adventures.  we've had quite a few and we are only half way there!

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