Sunday, January 31, 2016

this kid...


It's been a LONG time since any of my kids have gotten their own posts! and mack is changing and growing so much that he needs some documenting.  
He's running around like a wild animal- but is most definitely still the baby.  We got him to sleep through the night for a SOLID week just last week.  But he's reverted back and has had a rough few nights.  We are holding out hope that it's his stuffy nose and giant molars causing him to wake up.  I mean- seriously- he's 15 months old for crying out loud.  We thought metta was bad because she didn't sleep through the night until 9 or 10 months. Mack is killing us. 

His favorite foods include avocados, hummus, eggs, bananas, and donuts.  When he's hungry- he asks for 'babas'- which is bananas- but actually means food of any sort.

He can say 'wow, oh-oh, up, dog, ball, banana, thank-you, Zeb, mom, dad, me, tree, head, choo-choo, car, and truck'.  His favorite word is truck.  He yells it ALL of the time.  He uses it to refer to any sort of vehicle.

We haven't had a child so obsessed with something since baby Zeb.  If we are in a store and mack sees a toy car or truck- he'll WIG out.  He'll shout at us- and eventually start screaming and kicking- until we either put him down and let him play- or completely remove him from view of the toy.  We found this firetruck at a Japanese thrift shop last week for 200Y (less than 2$) so I couldn't resist buying it for him. He was SO HAPPY!! it lights up and makes sounds.

 When we were in Hong Kong- we had quite the hard time at the markets.  Each time we passed a toy booth- he would freak out all over again.  Now we just carry a matchbox car or truck in my purse at all times.

Last week I sent Kent this progression of pictures from our stop at the Sunrise bakery.  It's basically baby Mack heaven.  Chocolate donuts AND it's on the flight line.  There are huge trucks, tractors, and planes.  We even get to watch aircraft take off and land.  I'm surprised he hasn't died of excitement yet.

This kid laughs a lot.  When he's out laughed me- he just moves on to a sibling. and then down the line until everybody is laughed out.  He is so lucky to have so many family members who love him so much.
 He lovest to play ball.  and also LOVES stuffed animals.  He'll talk to them and keep himself entertained much longer than he'll sit in front of the TV.  I'm waiting for him to love TV!  no luck yet.
 He also loves to give out give hugs and kisses and high fives- especially if you are his favorite school bus.  He's a walking 15 month old developmental milestone checklist.  Which is a good thing considering we were worried about hydrocephalus. Oh- and he loves to say 'Hi' and 'bye'.
 he's quite the fierce little communicator.  He tries so hard to talk to us about all of the interesting things he sees.  He's still very blue eyed- and his hair is definitely blonde.
Besides the sleeping through the night thing- we're glad to have him around.


Annie Oswald said...

I laughed out loud at this post. What a funny kid.

A couple of questions: where did you get such a vest for that kid? And why is your mattress in your entry hall?

HowellAZ said...

He's too cute! I am such a grouch when I don't get eggnog sleep. Good luck with that!