Sunday, February 14, 2016


Time to get my Valentine's Day blogging tradition back and running.  Remember my new year's resolution? to blog things besides our travels?!  
So: My LOVES.  This year it's my TOP TEN.

1. I love this ridiculous cat craze that has swept the world.  It's always been in Japan,  I have the 'Neko atsume' app. I love it. If you don't know what it is- go to the app store NOW.  get it.  it's free.  I'm still working on getting the lady gaga cat to show up. P.S. I loved lady gaga's national anthem.

2. I love Japan.  This place is amazing. I love living here. There's nowhere like it on Earth.   I love the ubiquitous vending machines, the nervous Japanese giggle, the robotic toilets, and their strange vegetables (bamboo shoot and daikon?!).

3.  I love my kids. Sure- I really don't like kids all that much. but- mine are cool. I love Zeb's jokes.  I love Ike's embarrassed smile.  I love metta's excited face. and I love Mack's big head.

4. I love gyoza and Curryrice (it's one word).  There are a lot of Japanese foods that I do NOT love- but I can always find gyoza or curryrice. and I love them both. I especially love apple-honey curry. who wants me to send them some?!

5. I love to talk.  I don't think I'll ever get sick of talking.  Can talking be considered a hobby? because it's mine.

6. I love to run.  It's my go-to destressor.  I love how tired it makes me.  I love how many calories it burns.  I love how it makes me stronger.

7. I love the Dixie Chicks.  Don't tell my mom. She's still mad at them for the Bush debacle of 2004.  I REALLY wish I could see them on their new tour.  I REALLY REALLY hope they release a new album. I love every song they've ever sung.

8. I love the world.   There is nothing you can do to gain a greater gratitude and love for what and who you have than seeing the world.  I've said it many times- but meeting new people and seeing new places has got to be one of my favorite things EVER. I really love that I live in a corner of the world I never imagined I could.

9. I love Kent.  He's the best texter, my favorite story teller, the best listener, the most fun foodie friend, the perfect partner, and my best friend.  I love him. so so much.

10. I LOVE the true love.  Charity.  I love that I am a recipient of God's love. I love that He trusts me enough to love others.  Be kind. Show love.

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