Monday, February 15, 2016

race day...

This post is dedicated solely to race day!  I really like traveling for races.  It makes picking dates  definitive- and usually the dates are predicted good weather day.  Plus- it gives you something to really look forward to and something on which to base your itinerary.

I signed up for the Cambodia race without realizing just HOW hot it was going to be :)  Sure, it was cambodia's driest and coolest time of year- but apparently that doesn't mean much.

we arrived at the starting line at 5am.  Start time 6.  Only- it didn't start on time at all!  This a pretty big event here- so they had some very distinguished guests and speakers.  and they all blabbered ON and ON and ON!  at 6:20- we finally did a countdown to begin!  we all chanted 10-9-8-7... and so on.  Only to get to 1- and nothing.  They had ANOTHER speaker.  I was going bonkers.  I don't think it started until AFTER 6:30.  I was getting VERY antsy.  Every minute we sat at the start meant another HOTTER minute at the end of the race!!  ahhhhh. it really did make me crazy.
There were 6 adults total in our group. 4 of us ran the half, 1 ran the 10K, and 1 dad stayed home with ALL ten kids!   those of us running the race definitely had the easier morning!!!
The race began and finished right at Angkor Wat.  Sunrise at Angkor Wat is a once in a lifetime experience.  And my cell phone camera does no justice to the amazingness. 

The race was to benefit victims of the Cambodian landmines- and there were a lot of amputees running/riding the race. it was inspiring.
I think I want to run all of my half marathons through villages of happy children!  It makes the run SO MUCH FUN. and so much easier!!
Look at these little girls!!  they were so excited to give high fives and have their pictures taken.  It definitely helped pass the 13 miles!!
  we ran through the temples of Siem Reap and it was just stunning.  Every time I turned a corner to see another temple- I wanted to pinch myself! There could not be a more scenic route.
I loved running under the giant heads!!
Kent and I ran the first half of the race together! Almost the entire course was shaded and that was a lifesaver.  I get SO hot SO fast. I think  by mile 3 I was beet red and probably above 100degrees for my body temp!

this is me saying something to kent like: "are you finished taking the picture!?!"

Around mile 6- I started to feel tired - and so did kent.  He opted to turn on his music- while I opted to meet some new people :)  I'm a talking runner. It's the only thing that energizes me.
This is probably my favorite picture of the day!!  I love the lady with her arms folded! and all of these happy kids.

I lost Kent once I started talking to people!  I ran with this lady from china for about 3 miles!  she's the president of a running club somewhere in the middle of china!!  I also found a group of US consulate workers from China who let me talk to them for a couple of miles!  One lady I found was from Hong Kong- but she was half ethiopian and half dutch.  She was running to earn money for the Siem Reap children's hospital and their landmine victims.

Somehow around mile 10- I felt the best I'd felt all morning.  The last three miles were wonderful.  This picture is ridiculous!!!!  this is a good example of what the 'runner's high' is.  I look like such a crazed person!!!  but I was SO excited about the elephants.
I finished feeling superb- and that's all I could have asked for.  Kent and I shared a giant coconut for our recovery.
I retired my shoes after this race.  Can you seem my orange toe poking out of the bottom??  

I love to run.  and running here was a dream come true.  


Annie Oswald said...

you.ARE.amazing! I am so jealous and so proud all rolled into one.


MyMy said...

Dear Leisy, This is Katya from Tver, Russia (Buffalo club, matryoshka, didnt come to your wedding though was in SCL at the time etcccc..remember?). I have been your blog follower (non-commenting) for some years..actually, for as long as your blog exists... So what about 29 February? Where is that crazy post about the crazy celebration of the first real birthday of your only daughter??? a?