Monday, January 2, 2017

our place

Our airbnb in Hoi An is possibly my favorite airbnb we've stayed in.  It was this gigantic cement and wood beam house with the back yard opening up onto Bang Tao beach.  The beach was also phenomenal!!  it was stunning and empty.  After a week of crazy hot weather and constant go go go in cambodia- this spot was a little bit of paradise.
 Our new friends mehn and tehn made the house EVEN better. They brought us fresh breakfast every morning!  baguettes, fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, eggs, and even pho.  Apparently I hate pho.  It's so bad.  I am not a fan of fresh herbs and this is a hot fresh herb soup. for breakfast.   The herbs are spicy or minty or soapy or something.  I couldn't handle it. But our cooks were absolutely lovely.

we were in Vietnam for four days and just relaxed.  The beach is the best babysitter!  I sat and read a book and enjoyed the fresh air.  I think kent was watching the kids!
The waves were perfect for our boys- and vacationing with friends is the best thing ever if you ask them!!
this is one of my favorite metta pictures. I love it. Metta is so much fun and loved the water so much!! her spunk is very endearing and her gap toothed smile is the best.

  Our weather in Vietnam was AHmazing.  the perfect beach weather ever.  the bluest skies and warmest sun.  I did get a pretty bad sunburn on ONE leg.  I wonder if I'll ever learn to apply sunscreen 100% effectively.

I got up early each morning for a walk or run on the beach and always found the best people!  this picture was taken at 6 AM.  I have no idea what these guys were doing- but I loved it!!! and they were happy to let me take their picture!
this guy in the bottom right pic was just out walking his dog in his pjs.  I loved it. and I love early mornings on vacation!  I feel like you can see the real people of any locale out early in the morning!!
I also found large groups of young adult men out in the mornings playing volleyball and running around with friends. Maybe t's cooler in the morning- or it's their only free time? I couldn't figure them out!!

Just a minute walk down our beach was a delicious restaurant called 'soul food'.  It was perfect and I think we ate here every night! there was also a row of cheap massage places close by and kent and I would alternate going to get 5 dollar hour massages!! It was amazing.

this is the walkway from our house to the restaurants and massage places.  This part of Vietnam is so quaint and calm and tropical.

the beach and restaurants were empty despite the perfect weather!!
doesn't this just look like paradise?!

Our beach house comfortably fit the three families we had.  There was a large kitchen and common area- plus several private rooms.  Airbnb is the best.   Our rooms in both cambodia and Vietnam had creatures on the ceilings at night and I loved it!! At first we thought they were giant rodents! they squeaked and scampered about all night.  Turns out hey were giant geckos!!  pretty authentic if you ask me!!
Here's the backyard.  Past all of the greenery is the ocean!
Here are the back porch and balcony.  we left zeb's shoes on the balcony when we came home.  We always leave something on every vacation.
they were building a house directly across from ours and the kids loved watching them work!
this is the front door to our place!
I really love our kids and they are getting better and better by the day.  They are rockstar travellers and pretty brave when it comes to trying new things.

The food looks a little sketch- but it was amazing.  The vietnamese 'bahn mi" is a top favorite asian food for me.  It's just a sandwich- but it's perfect and delicious.  and spring rolls.  The vietnamese know how to do spring rolls.
these last two pics are on a beach near our place.  I loved all of the colorful boats and made our driver stop so I could get out and take some pictures!!

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