Tuesday, January 31, 2017

temples of taipei and houtong

When I found out there was a little town outside of taipei called Houtong- 'the cat town' - I knew we HAD to go.  

The place was pretty small and weird- but worth the stop for sure!!  It was along the train route to lantern town- so it wasn't out of the way- and we only stopped for an hour! and they were so many cute cats!

The little village is literally run by cats.  They are mostly feral- but definitely some domesticated. There couldn't have been more than a hundred or so people who lived here- but there were definitely more than a hundred cats!
I got some adorable cat earrings from underneath this sleeping cat!

There weren't very many tourists here so I can't imagine they actually have much of an economy.

The cat fascination in Asia is pretty great.

the lady that worked at the shop with this real and porcelain cat was SO grumpy.  She was so mad that I was taking pictures.  What else did we come here for?!? of course I am going to take pictures!!

Taipei has one large temple downtown caled "longshan temple'  that is so unique.  It's full of bright colors and ornate carvings- all with the backdrop of a very dirty city!  this old and beautiful temple is smack dab in the middle of  a concrete jungle.

Before moving to Asia- I always found Asian decor a little tacky and strange! but now I can't get enough of the lanterns and dragons!!  I wonder if my tastes will go back to normal after we have been away for a couple of years!!

Besides the occasional rainstorm on our trip- the weather was perfect.  Semi cool temps- low humidity- and pleasant evenings.

We stayed an an airbnb in 'Taipei main station' that was great. The kids thought it was pretty boring because there wasn't a pool or jungle out back!  It was super cheap and in the perfect location, however.    This is a picture of the building it was connected to.  Ours was next door.

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