Wednesday, April 13, 2011

city of brizzy

Okay- so I'm about half way done with our Australia pics :)  I don't scrapbook- so this is the only way I have to document our trip! I'm sorry if you're terribly bored.  Just don't read my blog for a few more days and it will be all over! I am a camera fanatic.

We got to spend a lot of time around Brisbane just being in the city.   I ate fish and chips- several times in fact-  and, surprisingly, enjoyed them!  My favorite fish of the trip was the Mahi-Mahi. I had NEVER tasted it before!  I'm a fan of fish these days- but I'm still nervous about which to try.  Any suggestions?

One evening we ate down on the water in Brisbane where just this year CRAZY floods wiped out the entire area.  The restaurant had opened just a week earlier.
 And after dinner we went on a river boat cruise all around the river that meanders through the city.  It was the definitely the highlight of the downtown area. The night skyline was amazing- and the Brisbane Temple was even part of it!

 I loved just being able to relax and enjoy the warm evening without needing a coat! Coming out of Toledo's winter was definitely a good time to experience fall in Australia !!
 Staying with my aunt and uncle in Brisbane was Fabulous. It made the trip more affordable- and was an amazing place to stay (thanks, again Michelle and Dave!!). They live right on the coastline of Moreton Bay and had bikes instead of a car! Every morning we'd get up and go for a run, or a bike ride, or walks. 

 For a few hours every evening the tide would wash out for hundreds of meters and you could walk out along the ripply mud to the water's edge.  Kent and I did a lot of shell searching and bird watching.

 We discovered this strange creature one day out on receded beach and we still can't figure out what it could be.  Any possible ideas?!  It was definitely jelly like- but firm too. More like Jelly filled.
 We ate fresh from the vine passion fruit out of the neighbor's yard! and I even developed a like for it by the end of our stay.  It's still a little strange to me that you are supposed to eat slimy seeds.  It did taste really good over mango gelato, though.
 The sun rises up over the ocean and the mornings were all stunning! 


Taylor said...

You would order mahi mahi.

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

You are welcome - we loved having you visit. We are enjoying all the pics!

Michelle said...

TOTALLY enjoying the pictures and posts!! That picture of you watching the sunrise at the end is incredible. What a dream vacation!!

Kent and Leisy said...

what's the deal with mahi mahi!? it's fish!

Kim T. said...

I am LOVING your pictures. I am not at all bored with them. I think they are fantastic!! I also think you can officially say you are a fish eater. If I am remembering right, so far you have said you like salmon, tilapia, and now mahi mahi. Are you ready for sashimi? ;)

yaya said...

Leisy, these pics are amazing! I love the sand one, the sunrise at the end and all the ones with you and Kent! You look so happy and I love your hair! I'm living through your trip so it's not boring at all. What a great opportunity. I'm so happy you were able to go!

Catch the Kids said...

I live about 20 minutes from Wynnum! I take my kids to the big waterfront park all the time. That jelly animal looks like a jelly fish - poisonous! Lucky you didn't touch the underside as it would have given you a nasty jolt.