Sunday, April 10, 2011

our day in the Sydney ER!

Check out the Australian paramedic. A little modelesque don't you think?  I wasn't just randomly snapping pictures of attractive Australians by the way- this guy was actually really nice and quite helpful.
Our first day in Australia just happened to be the last day of my grandpa's Australian vacation (he had been staying with my aunt and uncle) so we were meeting up in Sydney to see some of the sites together- but he and my uncle had a little mishap along the way!   Just ten minutes before we were supposed to meet- my Uncle called to say that they'd been in an accident.  My family is so prone to dramatics/adventures/strange happenings!  We ran to the hotel and asked directions to the nearest hospital and set out the seven or so blocks to get there.  As soon as we were on our way- a bunch of ambulances and police cars passed us and then stopped just a few blocks ahead.  We started running and came upon the accident in a matter of minutes!
On the other side of the car- my grandpa was spread out on the sidewalk getting checked.  Don't think I'm too mean- he asked me to take all of these pictures!  that must be where I get my picture taking habits :)
It turns out the taxi they were in was broadsided and pushed into a small cafe.  They narrowly missed a woman pushing her baby in a stroller. It was so close that as she was running out of the way- the taxi clipped her foot- ripping off her tennis shoe!  She had one scrape- but nothing else.
All three people in the taxi were taken to the hospital for scans and x-rays- but luckily there were no major injuries. My grandpa is 84 years old and in the most amazing shape ever. He'd been snorkeling and biking all week long and still motorbikes and bridge jumps at home!  The doctors were super impressed that he's on no medications at all and in excellent health!  They couldn't believe he didn't have any broken bones or anything!
Being in the hospital for the morning wasn't actually all that bad. The people were all so incredibly nice and Kent got to see the Australian medical system at work.  They let him read the ecg- look at the scans- and watch the ultrasound.  Really- Australians are the friendliest people ever.
Once everything came back clear my grandpa insisted that we go out and sight see the rest of the day. He ended up being able to leave on his scheduled flight the next day!


Jessica said...

Holy moly! So glad to hear that he was ok. His state of health is absolutely amazing, you don't hear that about older people very often.

Jason & Shannon said...

Wow! Glad everyone is ok! What an experience!

Cynthia said...

your grandpa is amazing! I hope I am that active and healthy at 84 and can bounce back so quickly after an accident.

Dave and Michelle Howell said...

The bonus for me was that Dave wasn't allowed to continue his trip to Perth and had doctor's orders to come back to Brisbane with you all. PS, I like the concerned look on Kent's face in the last pic - very doctor-like!

yaya said...

Holy Cow! Never a dull moment in your family and I think your Grandpa is the most amazing man I've ever met and I'm so glad he's OK and was able to finish what looked like an amazing vacation.

Michelle said...

Sheesh ... and a HALF!! What a crazy day! Those pictures are horrific - seriously it seems like it's a miracle that everyone was okay after that major of an accident. I'm still in shock about the ladies shoe being ripped off - that is just the weirdest.