Friday, April 15, 2011

I never thought I liked the ocean...

and then I visited the Sunshine coast. WOW. what an amazing place.  I do like the ocean.

This day was one of my favorites!  It was just so beautiful and relaxing and australian!  Do you see Kent coming in on a wave?
 I've never been anywhere tropical (unless you consider san diego tropical).  The sunshine coast is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!

Even the walk up to the beach was exciting!  You go up and over a big mountain/sand dune covered in thick vegetation-
and then you just step onto the beach. It was incredible!!

The beach was called 'Noosa heads' and it was nearly empty even though the temp was in the eighties!!
Since they are going into fall- all of their summer stuff is on clearance and my uncle found these snazzy boards for a few bucks. 

Here's Kent in his baywatch pic that I took.  He got a lot of body boarding in.  I played for awhile but kept getting sucked into the waves. I'm no good at water. But it was the perfect temp for swimming and we loved it!
Really- the whole day was perfect!  definitely part of how I envisioned Australia!
After Noosa we went for fish and chips and then to check out a place called 'Mooloolaba'.  It was just a little way further along the Sunshine coast and was also incredible!  Such a different beach than noosa-but still fabulous.
The sun was getting closer to setting so we didn't swim- but spent lots of time searching the tide pools and getting wet.
I thought that Kent was going to get knocked off the spit here.

Here he is getting something off his leg completely unaware.

And then realizing what's happening.
And after the wave.

I nearly got soaked with my camera!  The tides were coming in and would get unexpectedly high occasionally.
Here I am searching for critters.  There were TONS of crabs but they were super fast and very sneaky.  It was nearly impossible to get a picture.
Here are a few of the creatures I caught on camera.
and this crab- well- he's dead. it's the only way I could get a decent shot.  Could you tell he was dead before I gave it away?

Every time I'd see a bunch of them- they'd take off between the rocks.
I really miss Australia- and looking at all of these pictures isn't helping matters.


Nate and Jessica said...


Jessica said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!

yaya said...

I love the ocean and really could live there, but Jack isn't a sun worshiper and would not enjoy it as much as I'm destined to live in gray Ohio..sigh. I would not have known the crab was dead..he looks like he's smiling.

Catch the Kids said...

Hi. I follow Yaya and she told me about your visit. I live in Brisbane and Noosa is just up the road. I love it too. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Australia. I loved my time in the States, but didn't get to Ohio or Toledo. We stayed pretty close to the East Coast-Maine to Washington. Next time right?

Michelle said...

Those little shell things clinging to the rock are so quaint and pretty! That was my favorite picture, I think. But - it's VERY difficult to choose.

The beaches there are incredibly gorgeous. I can't believe how different those two in the pictures are. So weird. I laughed at Kent's getting sprayed experience ... glad he didn't get all the way knocked over. Sheesh!!

That crab TOTALLY looks alive. Very cool pic.

I love the surf boards. Those are way fun.

Wilma Gray said...

You probably dont know me, but I just went onto "next blog" and it brought me to your blog. I see you have managed to work out how to post the pictures properly! Can you perhaps explain to me how you do it, as I just do not know how, like you write something, then a picture, then write something then a picture...I would be so grateful if you could teach me.
Here is my blog and as you can see all the pics are always at the top,
Wilma Gray
South Africa

Laney said...

how could you ever not think you liked the ocean?? And doesn't going somewhere warm and beautiful make you think for just a moment you could live without a white christmas? Miami made me feel that way. Especially since its snowing here.

Image Envy said...

So awesome!!