Saturday, April 21, 2012

Miss Met loves to sit in her carseat and look out the sliding door into our backyard.  She also looks a lot like a boy if shes bundled up in the carseat under a blanket.  I have to make sure to plaster one of these little bows to her head so people know she's a girl.  Everybody always asks how it stays in place- and when I say 'corn syrup'- they give me the weirdest looks!
This little girl has almost morphed into an Ike baby over the last week or so.  Easy to calm down- rarely cries- sleeps often. It's an answer to prayers. And she's SMILING!  Both of our boys smiled before six weeks (I have several pictures to prove it) and when she wasn't smiling I thought for sure it was another sign she was broken :) But she's getting smilier and more talkative every day.

 Despite what some of these pictures seem to portray- she's actually still pretty skinny and small.  I'm interested to see how much she's gained at her 2 month check up (already this week!).

Both boys love to sit and make Metta smile - and they're pretty good at it.  One of their soccer teammates almost had her laughing at practice this week!  She's a little down syndrome girl named Justine and and the two girls LOVE each other.

Every time I plan on getting pictures of soccer- it ends up raining!  hopefully we'll have some good luck this next week.  Today we shivered in the freezing rain while they ran around and played!

This past week Zeb got registered for Kindergarten!! He was beyond excited.  On the drive to the school he couldn't stop talking about it.  When I asked him what he thought the school looked like- he told me: "I think there are butterflies painted on it!".  I have no idea where that idea came from! when we pulled up I think he was shocked at how big it was! It's a brand new school and has 'excellent' ratings.  A friend here does substitute teaching all over the area and she says it is by far the best of the schools.  He'll be going full day every day- and I'm just hoping he doesn't get bored! He's social enough and excited enough that I think he'll love it.
This week he was trying to teach Ike his book of sight words from preschool.  On every page Ike would just say "I give up. what is it?" and zeb would try to teach him to sound it out. It was pretty funny.  Ike doesn't care too much for the alphabet.
Ike is funnier than ever right now.  He's a tricky little boy and has Kent wrapped around his finger. He loves to talk about Obi wan Kenobi and Darth Maul. He's also obsessed with choosing the right.  Just this week Zeb was talking about somebody who wasn't 'choosing the right' and Ike asked: "Did he choose the left?" It was so funny.


Michelle said...

I love hearing all the little details about those cuties SO MUCH! Zebber is gonna rock as a kindergartner! I'm excited for him. Ikeypoo is hilarious! I loved his reasoning on the opposite of choosing the right. LOL!

I can't get enough of Metta. She is quite the beauty queen. I love all of her cute facial expressions. Krystal didn't smile until she was about 9 weeks old!! I thought I was going to die - and that something might be wrong. But, she sure made up for it in the long run. :) Metta's smiles are just glowing and charming. LOVE 'em!

M- your favorite said...

HAHAH I LOVE HIM!!! I can't wait to squeeze your kids!

Anna said...

I was using corn syrup to keep my daughter's bows on nearly 30 years ago! And I got the same kind of weird reactions then, too. At least corn syrup is good for something.

Beautiful kids!

Just so you don't think I am some weirdo, I came across your blog when I was clicking on the "next blog" button at the top, saw the beautiful pictures and had to read further. Have a great day!