Friday, April 13, 2012

pictures galore.

 no good easter pics for us this year.  Metta got all zitty just in time for the Holiday! and Ike was terribly uncooperative. Zeb was a little angel, though.  I sure love that kid.  He really has taken a liking to miss met.  Today he asked me if he could 'chat' with her.  And he told Kent that she said her first word to him. It was 'oh'.
typical Ike face.

 This little miss is such a diva. Another sign that she takes after her auntie metta.  We've figured out most of her tricks- and unfortunately a lot of them have to do with me. She isn't a huge fan of Kent.

For easter we went and visited Kent at the hospital and had cafeteria ham :) And Metta wore her Easter bow.  My friend from the toledo YMCA has a bow business and sent metta a plethora of bows.  She loves them.
 She gets a lot of crazy eyes- but has finally started smiling!  not to kent though. She'll barely make eye contact with him.
 Here she is making crazy eyes again.  a little creepy.

She loves to be swaddled with her arms tight to her side. and she loves to sit on the couch.

but if even one little finger gets free- she freaks.  totally loses it.  do you believe me yet that she's high maintenance?
can you see her little baby zits? they are getting better.

 I love those little circle toes.
 and the best pic for last.  My wonderful friends Beth and Renae drove all the way from toledo (2.5 hours!) to see Metta and clean my house.  It was wonderful!  a clean house- a fun lunch- and great company. I sure miss the people of Toledo.

Check out all of these buddies.


Jessica said...

What an adorable picture of all the kids!

HowellAZ said...

Great pics! So nice to have friends like that - it puts a smile on your face!

Amber and Travis said...

You are so good at taking pictures. I need to be better. Maybe after I have kids it will be easier. Cute pictures though!

taylor and laney said...

That picture of Ike is hysterical. Tell him that Auntie Laney loves him and wants to squish him. said...

CRAZY EYES CRAZY EYES! I love them. Leisy, I'm so sorry she's high maintenance. It would be so hard to have "easier" babies and THEN a tough one. Glad you've got some things that keep her happy...some of the time.

Justin and Jules said...

oh my gosh, that is so sweet of Beth and Renae to come and see you!! I'm with you, I SO miss everyone from Toledo!

Kim T. said...

These are ALL great pictures, Leisy! Your little Metta is adorable. I agree that a clean house is one of the best gifts ever! I didn't even recognize Zach and Avery in that picture. I can't believe how fast little people grow and change. We miss all the the Toldeo people so much. Haley and I were reminiscing this morning about early morning seminary and how much she liked you as a teacher. Ahhh, memories!