Saturday, July 13, 2013

long overdue blogging!

I haven't blogged in TEN days?!  All I have to say is that the last ten days have been INSANELY busy. 

 Busy with an irregular amount of regular stuff!  like barbecues, swim lessons, work, lawn mowing,  fireworks, picture taking, food, etc.  But we all know just how much I LOVE to be busy- so things have been good.  

A few pics from our 4th festivities.  We watched fireworks, did fireworks with friends (we had to get our fireworks all the way in indiana because they don't sell them in Ohio!!), and had some good barbecues.

Metta loved shoving glow sticks down kent's throat!
She also must take after her nannie annie because she 'ooed' and 'ahhhhed' at every firework.  Look at her little lips.

The actual 4th of July was INSANE with rain.  Our big church bbq was moved to inside the church- but we still had plenty of fun.  That night we played games with friends and ate some more :)  The doc Kent was working with told him he should spend the fourth with his family and didn't have him come in!  so we had him all day long.  It was wonderful.
Everybody had to try on metta's bow.

This week we also celebrated cow appreciation day!  I think this is our 5th consecutive year attending.  I love free chick fil a.
my cow ears made my hair a little crazy.  free value meals are worth wild hair.
 We decided to go for an early dinner- at 4- to beat the craziness- and it worked :)  People thought we were a little strange but I will do just about anything for free food.

she's the happiest child ever.


Jill Pierce said...

LOVE the cow pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh aaaaaah ooooooh aaaaaah! Yep, she's mine. I did it this year too and heard Metta's friends laughing at me :).

Michelle Jenson said...

Kent's cow nose is awesome. haha.

SO glad I got to see you for a little bit! LOVE you all so much!