Wednesday, July 31, 2013

these pictures make me a little homesick.

I love a good party.  And the wedding reception was definitely a good party :)  the whole night was wonderful!!    every time I'm with my family I remember just how much I really do love them.  

it was outside and the weather was lovely- so my kids just ran around and enjoyed themselves!  look at rugrat #3.
Metta and her orange pigtails kill me.  She's such a turkey.
there were even lots of great climbing trees!
My brothers in law and the kiddos.  I really missed kent- but at least I had lots of great help,
Gramps is the kid distractor.  He's great at feeding them- spoiling them- taking them away.  The perfect gramps.
Ike getting tickle tortured by gramps.
They had a photo booth at the wedding.  It was so much fun for the kiddos.  I think Zeb did it seven times!!
Laney and Milly goat.
Have I mentioned I love my cousins?!  we all grew up spending summers together playing or camping or going to lagoon or just hanging out.  I promise I have boy cousins- but girl pictures are more fun :)  I'm so glad I made it home for the wedding.  It was worth every penny.

My sister Metta is the inspiration for my Metta :)  and they are so much alike.  they love clothes- both very social- a little wild and a lot of attitude.
a little family pic.

the gremlin- charlotte.

that cake in the picture was to DIE for.  Magelby's chocolate cake.  I couldn't believe how delicious it was.   It's a good thing I don't live near that restaurant.  I don't even like cake.  Holy Smokes.

Here is the man- Harold Howell.  He's the reason we all exist as the great cheesy cousins (that's what we call ourselves).  He's the inspiration for our craziness. He's well into his eighties and is still motor biking, cliff jumping, and being as wild as ever.  He's had search and rescue called for him on more than one occasion :)  we love him.
On the dance floor :)  Metta was crying here.  I got a little too wild for her.
the lighting on this picture is a little creepy-but I love these two boys.  so funny.

utah is so so pretty.

And finally- some evidence of our picture booth shenanigans.  This is a cell phone pic- but it's my favorite of the whole night :)

I love that my kiddos have such great cousins.   and seriously- look at me and my sisters.  we are pretty cool.  My mom and dad have done a really amazing job at raising us and showing us how to become good people. 
 Zeb in the last pics on the right KILLS me.  What is he doing?!  the bottom one is my favorite.  I wish I had a photo booth at my wedding!!

best family EVER.  thanks, mom and dad.


yaya said...

Looks like a blast! It was great to see my Craigie and family in the shots! Your little part about Harold made me remember that one of our docs is going biking with him and also with Chris Howell sometime soon....yep, a doc here from Ashland. I hooked him up with Chris and he's so excited to do the trip. I just hope it all goes well! He's stopping and spending time with Harold..should be very interesting!

HowellAZ said... Too bad I wasn't still in Utah for the festivities, but I sure enjoyed my visit with the cousins I saw over at your parents' place. Great family!