Wednesday, July 24, 2013


We made a fun filled trip to Utah last week so I could make it to the wedding of my cousin- Tanner.  Kent spent the week swimming and playing and 'working' at diabetes camp- so he couldn't make it with me.  Despite the fact that after our Christmas trip home I vowed to never fly husbandless again- I decided the wedding was worth it.  Thankfully the flights were wonderful and easy.  We did have a FOUR hour layover in Atlanta- but there was an awesome USO lounge where I could eat/relax/play with the munchkins.  Thank goodness for military perks :)

It worked out that while we were in Utah- we got to go through the temple with my sister- Daysa- who is getting ready to head to Brazil for 18 months as a missionary!  I am so excited for her to go!   It was great to be together with all of my sisters!  Everybody is all grown up.

Tanner's wedding was WONDERFUL.  I have the most fabulous family.  Amazing cousins.  Stellar aunts and uncles.  We have so much fun when we all get together!!
Cousin Amy!
Cousin Tanner found the most wonderful wife.  They are both geologists and met in geology classes at BYU.
They got married in Manti.  I love the temple in manti!  and the weather was perfect.   A few clouds showed up just as we were leaving- but no rain.   I took this pic with my NEW PHONE!  Kent and I got our first smartphones- and they are life changing.  wonderful.

Cousin Kate and Sister Daysa- our soon to be sister missionaries.
I grew up next to Tanner and his sisters and they are more like siblings than cousins.  So- Tanner grew up with a LOT of sisters.  Not a single other boy in the bunch.  He'll make a great husband because of it :)

A random picture of Milo.  He's two weeks old- and belongs to laney.  She almost didn't make it to the wedding.  When she and her family got to the airport in buffalo- the airline wouldn't let laney and the baby board.  The plane took off with her husband and kiddos aboard- while she was forced behind!!  apparently her baby was too YOUNG to fly.  Luckily- they've got a great on-call family friend pediatrician (Kent).  He drove to work at six am on a sunday morning to fax the airlines medical clearance for Milo to fly.  Laney made it on a flight later that day.
Chloe and Tanner.  
Every time we land in Utah I am reminded of it's DRYNESS!!  luckily there are a lot of beautiful things to make up for the yellow fields :)

My niece Charlotte.  She belongs to my sister- Metta.  And her husband- clair.   Baby Charlotte is pretty funny.
On the way to the temple- we were slowed by a cattle drive.  So we unrolled the windows and took pictures  like the city folk we are :)  


Annie Oswald said...

It was a whirlwind week--glad you and kids could be here. Let's do it again soon.

You forgot a few things too. I'll send a package when things settle down. Let me know what you are missing and I'll go look for those things too.

Nannie Annie

boysmum2 said...

wow that looks like an awesome time in the family. Love the temple and love that wedding dress, gorgeous. Glad you had a great time plus I can't believe they would fly the baby saying too young?