Monday, August 19, 2013

the Mason-Lebanon railroad

I was determined to make our last week of summer a week of fun and adventure.  We were pretty successful and did something great every single day!

 Our family loves trains.  Metta- even though she doesn't like to say many intelligible words- loves to say 'choo- choo'.  So last weekend we used our groupon to take the Mason-Lebanon train to party with Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Upon meeting him- Zeb disappointingly stated that he was 'not nearly as big as he'd imagined'.  Metta- on the other hand- was OBSESSED.  She's obsessed with everything, though.  A real optimist :)

She couldn't stop giving him high fives.

As we pulled away from the station- metta insisted on waving goodbye to everyone.
I  was trying to get metta to smile. or something.  I talk a lot so my mouth tends to be open a lot.
 Every body looks wasted here.  It was on the ride back.  On the 'outside air car'.

the kids played games with clifford.  and won cheap prizes.  and got bit by LOTS of mosquitoes :)

 The ride home felt a little long.  We really were hot and tired!  I love metta's smiles through her binky.  She'd just cried and whined and we finally found her 'bink'. She was elated!

 We refueled at a little ice cream shop near the station.  It was some of the most delicious homemade ice cream I've ever had.


The Semrads said...

love that little miss metta and her piggy tails

Anonymous said...

you guys all look so hot and sweaty. ugh. But that picture with metta and tears in her eyes is adorable. And your blog is making it very difficult for me to comment.


Michelle said...

I want to hear meta say "choo choo" !!
Hope we can Skype sometime soon. The end of summer/beginning of school is a whirlwind!