Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st of 1st

First grade.  So much less climactic than kindergarten :)
When I asked Zeb all about his first day- he only made two statements.

1.  "I didn't imagine my teacher to be so skinny"
2. "You didn't tell me Mrs. Patel is brown"

The hardest part about this whole school thing is waking up!!  the bus picks up zeb at 7:30!!  and all summer long we were just getting out of bed at 7:30.  but he's home by 2:20 every day- so that's wonderful!

 He's a pro at this school thing.  He loves it.  He's happy to be back.


Anonymous said...

did zeb get two pair of new shoes? And is his teacher indian? You guys should watch bollywood movies to introduce Zeb to the INdian culture.

Amber and Travis said...

I love seeing the kids the first day of school! All the nerves and excitement! He is a pro!

yaya said...

First grade?? No way! I'm betting he's a genius...Have fun Zeb! Hold on Mom and Dad, time flies!

Michelle said...

Lookin' good Mr. Zeb!

Annie Oswald said...

I love that he notices his teacher is skinny and brown--very observant kid. XXOO

Nannie Annie

Anonymous said...

i can not get over this! first grade!? wow!