Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I succumbed.

Today was Ike's first day of REAL preschool.  Not a Co-op. not a mom's group. the REAL DEAL.  I succumbed.  I was so done with three years of teaching co-op preschool ( I really don't like teaching kiddos this age)- and all of Ike's pals were headed to school so I decided he could, too.

Ike and his pals are attending a local Lutheran Preschool.  He LOVES it.   
Ronan, Ike, and Ava. 
I asked him how his first day went and he replied: "It was CRAZY, mom!"-  then he giggled and said: "just kidding.  It was normal."
 He's got a few familiar faces in class- and a bunch more new friends to make.  I'm excited for him.
 He's pretty excited, too.  He's our goofy kid.  The class clown.  Likes to break the rules. Loves candy for breakfast.
 So- it's just Metta and me for 2.5 hours.  and really that just means she's at the gym.  His preschool coincides with when I work- so I'll just be at the gym and when we're done we'll pick him up.


Julie Sacks said...

Wow... one kids at home! I can only dream of that! Preschool is CRAZY expensive here, so we are all on our own this year. I bet he will love it!

Annie Oswald said...

Ahhh, the middle kid: funny, outgoing, rule breaker, class clown--I can relate to all of those.
(And yes, I am funny)

Hugs to Ikester,

Nannie Annie

Sheri said...

Oh, you are so fun Leisy. Love to watch your blog. Miss you all! Those pig tails KILL me! : ) Cute, cute, cute!