Friday, September 6, 2013

proof that metta is a miniature david bowie. and other pics.

David Bowie look-a-like proof.   almost identical, right?!

Last week there was a family movie night at one of the YMCA's where I work.  Metta was a nightmare.  She was NOT interested in sitting to watch a movie :)  So I chased her around the place for ninety minutes while the boys watched the movie with friends.

Metta LOVES nightgowns.  I found a yard sale with at least ten different nightgowns in sizes ranging from 2-5 so I bought them all.  She is in heaven.
 So- this week our car starting making a funny noise.   A funny noise that was suspiciously familiar to the noise it was making six months ago when we had to replace a bearing.  Turns out it was the very same bearing.  Luckily this time the part was still under warranty.  But- it all happened on a day when Kent was on call (30 hour shift) so he couldn't help me it.  I had several friends help with dropping it off- giving us rides, etc.  But when we went to pick it up I didn't want to bother anybody else so we walked to the shop :)  It was only two miles.  But it was HOT and MUGGY.  The kiddos didn't have as much fun as a I thought they might.

they were rewarded with ice cream cones.

 These last two pics are from Carraige Hill.  It's this amazing 'living' farm just up the road from us.  They've got animals, dressed up people giving tours and demos- and a real live penny candy store.  It's all fabulous.
 Metta was desperate to catch a chicken. no luck.


Michelle said...

Sorry about the "car to the shop" day. Hate those kind of days!! And with 3 littles = extra bonus points.

Cute cute kiddos!

Jill Pierce said...

What an awful walk that must have been. I bet you were questioning YOUR sanity, eh?

HowellAZ said...

Wow! You are super mom to take 3 small kids on a 2 hour walk in the heat. But I totally get you on that one. It's a pain to bother people so you do what you do. And if you get ice cream out of the deal, then, at some level it must have been worth it. :)
Love all the cute pictures!

HowellAZ said...

I meant 2 mile. Not sure how long that actually took. ;)

Annie Oswald said...

welcome to parenthood--so glad I'm alive to enjoy it through you


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