Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Metta spaghetta. Metta-mucil. Metta wetta betta. Metta-tarsal.

 She just hit the big 1-8.  18 months and a little bit 'girls gone wild'.  I thought I'd take some fun pictures of her for her half birthday.  Picture taking of your own 18 month old is not possible.   Don't get me wrong- I  got some great shots- just none that are frameable.

Metta is the most social 18 month old you'll meet.  And I was told that by a pediatric developmental specialist.  She wants to greet every person she sees.  She give high fives, handshakes, and blows kisses ALL DAY LONG.  

and she jabbers INCESSANTLY.  The only problem is that the jabbering is purely that.  jibber jabber.  She doesn't say very many words.   She's picking up more and more everyday and I'm sure I'll be wishing for her to stop talking by this time next year! Her very favorite word is 'binky'.

She is naturally happy.  really such a joyful little girl.

She LOVES Ike.  The two of them wrestle and make each other cry and pester each other until I have to separate them.  

Metta is still a fabulous eater.  Broccoli and carrots and beans and zucchini and honey dew and bananas are her favorite foods.

She has a really hard time saying goodbye to MY friends.  She cries and reaches for them and climbs in their cars when it's time to go.  She likes me fine- but she likes my friends more.  I think she wants my pal- kristi- to be her mom.

She's really fast on her feet.  She loves to run.

She's also my first child to stick foreign objects into bodily orifices.  I was getting her down from her highchair last week and found a blueberry in each ear.   She shoves pens and pencils up her nose.  She'll be our first 'object removal ER visit' for sure.

Ohioans would call her 'ornery'.  I just call her a busy body.
She's loud and screeches now and again- but not any more than your average 18 month old.
 If I don't have her in piggies- she looks like a miniature david bowie.
so pig tails it is. ALL of the time.
I can't believe how much I love having a little girl.  And she's a pretty darn good one to have :)


Annie Oswald said...

I think that that first pic is frame-able! In fact, I want one of those.

Love them and miss them.

Nannie Annie

Beth said...

She looks so much like a redder haired ike! Adorable. =)

Jill Pierce said...

I'm sure you hear it all the time...but I LOVE her RED hair!

brian and amanda said...

she is so big and so adorable!