Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I flew home last weekend on a whirlwind last moment trip to Utah thanks to my parent's frequent flyer miles!  it was my (not-so)baby sister's farewell church meeting before she heads out to Brazil!   It was wonderful!  I got to see her one last time- and see all sorts of family members- and fly with only one child :)

Kent just happened to work ALL four days that I was travelling/gone- so SEVERAL friends helped out with my boys who stayed home!  I am so grateful for all of the help!  

Flying out was a surprise for all of my family members except my parents.  I LOVE surprises.  My baby sister, Daysa, thought she was at the airport with her her friend to pick up HIS aunt.   She was pretty freaked out when she saw me :)  It was so fun to surprise cousins, aunts, uncles, and my grandparents!!

We nearly died trying to leave Ohio. I drove down to the Cincy airport and got on the plane JUST as a crazy storm blew through.   The plane was shaking and swaying on the runway.  And then when it finally cleared a little and we took off- we experienced MAJOR turbulence.  The plane was dropping and shaking and jerking and going NUTSO.  People were vomiting and crying!! metta was laughing like CRAZY.  It was pretty funny.  I loved it.

flying with only one child was unreal.  heavenly.  so so easy.  even if it was an 18 month old busy body.  she charmed all of our fellow passengers and never cried.  She wiggled and shrieked some- but overall was great.
I love military benefits.  Almost every airport in the country has a USO Lounge- where we can relax- kids can play- we can watch tv- and chow down on all you can eat snacks!!  I LOVE it.  all for free :)

I didn't get nearly enough pictures!  and none of my entire family.  We can NEVER seem to all be standing on one place!!

These two are just a few months apart and mortal enemies :)  charlotte is My sister Metta's little girl.  And she thinks that Nannie Annie and Gramps' house is her castle.   My baby Metta tried to beat her up a few times over it.

Metta was SPOILED with attention.  She didn't have to compete with Zeb or Ike for ANYthing.
I am SO SO glad that I got this picture.  My three Mettas.  Aunt Metta, Sister Metta, and Daughter Metta.  All such lovely lovely ladies.
The post church party.  I love sitting in the backyard, eating and talking with family.   Being home made me even MORE homesick :)
Mom and my psuedo sister hillarie!  we were college roommates and she is wonderful.
This pic is pretty great, too.  Gma and Gpa with all three sets of their twin grandkiddos!
Maybe my favorite pic of the day.    My grandma and her sisters discussing the day before's BYU/Utah football game.  The family is divided sharply.  The conversation got very intense.   GO UTES!  :)
Here is my not so baby sister- Daysa.  I can't believe she's old enough to be a sister missionary!! and going to Brazil!! so exciting!
Her cat- spooky III.  Her cats keep dying so she just gets another all black one and names it the same thing.
Gramps and his little ladies.
these two little girls had several face offs.  And a few cat fights.

We did a lot of  shopping, eating, and laughing.  Daysa had to sit in the carseat because she's the baby.  I love my sisters.   we always laugh hard.  REALLY hard.  like pee your pants hard.
 Magelbys fresh with the fam. I'm in the back corner.  With my mouth open.  Why do I always do that for pictures?!?

I wish we could have stayed longer!  I loved the trip!  thanks for flying me out mom and dad!!


Anonymous said...

Great pix! Please send all pix for the scrapbook. Thanks for coming. Thank kent and the boys for letting you get away.

Jill Pierce said...

What a fun trip! And you were there just before I was! Fun! :D

Michelle said...


You're a UTE fan?!????!?!?!?!?!?