Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to October.

 I love groupon.  Last week we went canoeing on the cheap- thanks to groupon :)  And it was perfect.  Such a wonderful day.
These kids were so excited to get on the canoe and paddle.  and then we actually got on the canoe and they started paddling.  and then they weren't so excited :)
 They loved the trip and the occasional 'rapids'.  Ike called them 'rabbids'.  And really it was just water splashing over a few rocks.   We took several 'exploring' breaks to catch fish, frogs, and tadpoles.
 We found imaginary alligators.
 I love being outside and I love the Ohio scenery.  I'm sure going to miss this place when we have to leave.
 Metta didn't go canoeing with us- for obvious reasons.  We would have lost her overboard for sure.  She got to spend the afternoon with her favorite family of all girls.  We have some friends who have only daughters and she is OBSESSED with them.

She is a character.  We celebrated the 1st of October with pumpkin pancakes and Halloween decor.  She can't get enough of it all.  EVERY time she re-enters our front room she points and jabbers to the decorations one by one.   She can say 'scary', 'pumpkin', and 'hoo-hoo' for the owl.

Tonight she insisted on FEEDING her favorites.  seriously.

This rat is her very favorite.  She carries it around. Puts it to bed.  Pushes it in her stroller.  She's so weird.
She calls all the skeletons and skulls 'scary'.

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Michelle said...

Fun! And love all of Metta's cute words!